Peace of Mind

Peace is a universal desire which may literally feel impossible in todays conflicting world. However, peace of mind and inner peace are not based on external conditions at all. Peace of mind is something one chooses and creates for self in their inner realm, regardless of what is happening in the outer realm. Over the next several weeks, timeless insights and essential strategies for experiencing greater peace of mind will be revealed.

The first step towards inner peace is to be aware of your desire. Set the intention to achieve it and commit to experiencing it as your new reality. Envision what it would be like to live everyday with peace of mind. Allow this sensation to flow through your body, calm your being, slow your breath and heart rate. Then prioritize this experience by adding it to your daily routines and perhaps even including some relaxing music and time spent in nature as well. Whether you choose to sit indoors in a favourite room or chair, or take a leisurely stroll outdoors in nature, commit to 20 minutes of practice every day. Gradually increase this to 2X’s per day, then 3X’s per day, perhaps before you start your day, midday and before you go to bed. Commitment to this will be the catalyst for positive change and foundation for experiencing greater peace within.

“I am peace!”



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