Presence IV

When practicing presence, be sure to allow full self-acceptance in the moment. Whether you are prepared or not prepared, anxious or confused, happy or sad, simply allow yourself to be. If thoughts, doubt or judgements arise, let them flow out of your mind as easily as they flowed in. Focus instead on what is most important … loving your true self! Remember that you do not need to be totally confident and clear when embarking on a new way of living and being. Just bring an open heart every step of the way!

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Presence III

View your life as precious. Notice what enriches your life and what depletes you. Focus on nourishing activities in the moment. Consider whether it is time with loved ones or time alone, in meditation and stillness. Is it being actively engaged in something you enjoy or stretching yourself with a new craft or skill? Every moment produces something different. They key part of living mindfully in the moment is to shift away from old habits that no longer serve you to experience better choices in the moment. Make a list of what uplifts you and supports mind/body/emotional balance and wellness. Step into positive action in the moment and then notice how your life flows more easily!

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Presence II

Ensure presence is a regular part of daily life. Spend time fully in the moment in places that evoke wonder and fascination within. Follow what touches your heart and stirs you deeply. Whether it is a tiny wild flower, the spontaneous laughter of a child, or sun setting over ocean waters, being fully present in the moment is sure to elicit a deep sense of joy. These wonderful experiences reflect total alignment between your inner and outer realms, which is essential for increasing satisfaction in life!

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Living in the present moment with an open mind is key for moving forward in life. Engage all of your senses and bring a degree of curiosity to whatever is around you. This is where spontaneous change can happen, where insights and even inspiring ideas may instantly arise within. These synchronicities often lead you to feeling you were at exactly the right place at the right time, receiving the essential message needed in the moment!

For instance, if you were working hard weeding your garden and a deer suddenly appears, you may get a flash of insight that it would be better to slow down and be more gentle with your actions. In that very moment, your hands, arms and back instantly feel less tension and as a result, you adopt this new way of weeding which supports future wellness. This is one of the great gifts of presence!

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Free Yourself VII

Emotions come and go. Sometimes they flow through us and other times become stuck. Anger, anxiety, fear and sadness can overwhelm us and when they do, it is crucial to mindfully step into pro-active choices for self. One of the most beneficial ways of freeing yourself is having a trusted friend or confidante to release your truths in the moment. Connect with those you feel comfortable being fully honest with. Make an agreement with these special people in your life so you can call them in times of need. Knowing that you always have a trusted support person can be the turning point for ultimate freedom!

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Free Yourself VI

Move through fear. If you tend to worry, make excuses, be evasive or try to control a person or situation, ask yourself what you are afraid of. Take time to meditate in stillness and go beyond surface layers to allow fear to arise as a physical sensation in your body. Acknowledge its presence and then pay attention to the story you tell yourself that supports this fear.

For instance, if you are afraid of losing a relationship because the other person might reject you and then discover your underlying fear is based on the belief that you are not good enough, shift to a place of 100% self-acceptance. This fear of not being good enough is usually derived from early childhood experiences. As a full grown adult now, believe that you are more than good enough, even if the relationship ends. See it as a part of the the flow of life. This is crucial for freeing yourself and the gift is that you will come to love yourself even more and no longer suffer as much, relying on externals to uplift you. Regardless of what is happening in your environment and who is present, you will feel perfect, whole and complete! Love yourself!

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Free Yourself V

See yourself as constantly changing and ever evolving. Endings and beginnings are a normal, healthy part of your evolution. Letting go of old limiting stories that inhibit your sense of freedom is way of invoking endings and mindfully adopting new healthier perspectives nourishes new vibrant beginnings for you. Believe that you are much more than you know. Allow your authentic self to gradually emerge with every cycle of growth. Your spirit within will guide you to ultimate freedom!

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Free Yourself IV

Elevate yourself and all of your experiences! Allow yourself to speak your truth to others. Doing so brings a higher level of  integrity back into your life. You are now able to truly walk your talk, integrating both your inner and outer worlds in amazing ways. Release any old limiting stories cycling through your mind and replace them with new positive, uplifting statements such as “I love and accept all parts of myself!”

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Free Yourself III

Bond with people who exude power and joy. Spend lots of time with uplifting friends and acquaintances who energize you. Be mindful about the amount of time you spend with those who are stuck in negativity, endless misery and helplessness. This can evoke darkness, doubt and negativity within. Focus instead on what you want to experience in life and what brings you greater joy!

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Free Yourself II

Bring awareness to rising emotions. When dark feelings surface, such as anxiety, fear, anger, or sadness, be aware of how they impact your thinking mind. Emotions naturally trigger rationalization, justifying and trying to make sense of things. These thoughts are largely based on old reactive patterns which are often limiting forces in life. Free yourself by shifting away from old habits in the moment. Open your mind to a whole new way of seeing and perceiving things. Take time to consider the long term effects of your behaviour patterns and potential consequences. When you commit to freeing yourself more and more each day, freedom can be your new reality!

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