Managing Your Energy VII

Notice when your energy starts to drain with family and friends. You can change this by focusing on simple, direct conversations that reveal true feelings. Begin by expressing what you like to do or don’t like to do, feelings that arise from these experiences or enquire about the other persons’ feelings. Having conversations at this level reveals core experiences that are both enriching and fulfilling. As a result, greater satisfaction and increased life energy becomes your new reality!

Managing Your Energy VI

Be mindful about the amount of time and energy you spend multi-tasking. This can be greatly depleting as loss of focus comes to the surface. Common problems include feeling depleted, frustrated or annoyed over unexpected outcomes. Whenever the mind and body is overly engaged with too many things at same time, the ability to flow gracefully with life is lost. Make time to pause and rest. Shift to focusing on only one activity at a time, whether it be one of action or rest. As a result, great richness will be your new reality along with a deep sense of satisfaction from natural flow of life!

Managing Your Energy V

Get organized! Track scheduled appointments, due dates for projects and essential bill payments on an easily accessible calendar that is always available. In addition, store all important papers in safe places such as files, boxes and specific drawers where everything is kept in an orderly fashion and you will never have any problems finding them. Both of these practices are vital for being more efficient with use of energy and minimizing stresses in life! With knowing in advance when something is coming up, you will have more than enough time to prepare for it with ease!

Managing Your Energy IV

Are you a perfectionist? Do you strive to complete projects and endeavours with idealistic views, either from others or from thoughts within that are critical, rigid and controlling? Perfectionism often creates tension and stress in getting things down just right. In managing your energy wisely, you will need to let go of this habit and focus instead on completing tasks sufficiently with relaxed energy. Mindfully choose what needs to be meticulous and what doesn’t need to be perfect. Make time and space for what serves you best and incorporate balanced wellness into daily life!

Managing Your Energy III

Efficiency is an important part of managing energy wisely. Being efficient is not a moral virtue, rather it gives you time do things that bring you more pleasure and time to relax, reflect, and manifest the future you desire. Live fully in the moment with pure presence! Be aware of what needs to be done and do it now! Don’t wait as moments, minutes, hours, days, months and years pass by quicker with each passing year! Be your true self and be efficient now!!

Managing Your Energy II

Being efficient is a crucial part of managing energy wisely. Minimum efforts with maximum results require a lot less energy and effort. A vital step for creating more efficiency is to let go of depleting habits. For example, if you regularly have a hard time finding keys or eye glasses or finding important papers in accumulations and messes, a shift needs to happen as soon as possible. Begin by setting a new pattern where frequently lost items are always stored in one location only. Regularly clear clutter by sorting and organizing excesses. Have files, boxes with labels, recycling bins, donation boxes and garbage cans easily accessible. All these will gift you with more time to do the things you really want in life!

Managing Your Energy

Managing life energy is more than just managing time. Bring awareness to what uplifts you versus energy moving in and out of you. Think about what spurs your interest, brings heightened energy with excitement and positive emotions. Notice the difference between that which leaves you feeling burdened and dull in life. What is missing? What desires have not been met, desires you may have been yearning for a very long time? Shift to mindful awareness and choosing better each and every day. Mindfulness is the turning point for getting rid of what no longer serves you and elevating life energy. Vitality awaits!

Grounding Self VIII

You are peace! Envision yourself taking all the necessary actions to remain well grounded and stable through the ups and downs of life. Imagine yourself being exactly where you want to be and your deepest desires coming to fruition. With practice, your nervous system will be trained to allow you to feel continually grounded despite difficult situations where anxiety and fear arises. This is were peace resides and you become peace!

Grounding Self VII

Release any tension within by saying to yourself “Let go” with every out-breath. Bring your focus to your belly and midriff where the centre of your power exists. Imagine this place as your ultimate source of power that fuels your entire body with every passing breath. Imagine this power moving through all parts of your body with each inhale, moving right down to your feet and into the ground. This is where the optimal feeling of being grounded exists, especially when you are standing barefoot on earth’s soil.

Grounding Self VI

Honour self by allowing freedom to quit if something does not feel right for you. For example, if a surprising turn of events or unfolding conversation triggers emotional disruptions or any kind of discomfort within your body, make space for peace and calmness to return.

Allow yourself to respect your body by stepping away in the moment. This is crucial as it is the turning point for releasing tension and old patterns of being lost in sea of ever-changing emotions. As a result, you will enhance your capacity to feel grounded more and more in daily life!