Living Heartfully VIII

In this final essential tip for living heartfully, return to state of empty mind before mind development. Flow with grace and ease back to state of your pure being on day you were born, when you first arrived and were lovingly received as a precious gift, worthy and so lovable! Allow negativity, doubt, and worries about being unworthy and unlovable to dissolve as easily as clouds disappear in the sky! These compensating patterns were built on false core beliefs from external energies. You are always free to use all your senses in moments unfolding; to touch, sense and take delight in the beautiful simplicities of magical unfoldings in life! Staying connected with empty mind requires you no longer look for answers in external world but just to be in silence and relaxed state to receive answers within, from your higher wise, open-hearted being!

Living Heartfully VII

Always focus your attention and commit to setting intentions for living heartfully. Free self from struggles in life by mindfully making better choices in the moment. Take action and step onto the path of transforming realities. This is where spontaneous fulfilment of heart desires will arise and miracles happen. Serendipity is one of the greatest pleasures one can experience in life after giving birth to true self within!

Living Heartfully VI

Live in reality. Reality is based on what you focus on, what you believe is life and thinking patterns. It is all derived from mental constructs from past experiences. In order to live the world of heart, fully and authentically, it is essential that we all release limiting thoughts, confusion, fear, anger, and doubt. Mindfully shift in moments, choosing better and what you desire most in life. Living with an open heart brings sweet tenderness, compassion and kindness to your new reality!

Living Heartfully V

Reach out to others who are always open hearted and uplift you anytime you are together. Connecting with a wonderful support group who nourishes you is largely beneficial as your path of enhancing open hearted living will definitely increase as time goes on. If by chance, you do not have anyone in your life with that level of positive energy, make time for peaceful meditations for self in your chosen sanctuary. Listen to messages that arise from deep within or be open to messages from the external world. For instance, a bird might start singing or flying over you after you have put out your wishes. Birds are symbolic of joy and freedom to fly with open heart!

Living Heartfully IV

Enter mindfully into your experience with an open beginners mind. Be aware of what arises in thinking mind and if it is a pattern from the past that causes limitations, just observe and let it go. Continue to just ‘be’ in the moment with open heart. For instance, if your body is conveying tension, focus on breathing and allow tension to gradually ease, more and more, with each outbreath. Holding no stories or thinking patterns with an open heart expands your reality to a whole new level of loving kindness in life!

Living Heartfully! III

Let go of all mind chatter. Allow all thoughts and beliefs entangled with past to naturally dissolve, like a cloud in the sky. Embrace purity of open expansive mind to expand awareness and observe depths of desires that arise within. This is where true self emerges and evolution occurs in being able to live more with an open heart!

Living Heartfully! II

Be present! And also, be a PRESENT to yourself and others! Commit to living fully in each and every moment with kindness, compassion and unconditional love. Accept all that is happening without needing to do a thing. With each passing moment, observe whatever arises from depth of heart and then allow self to rest into deeper awareness. There are so many mysteries in life that are not understood in moments so it is important to gift self and others total freedom and power to choose better! Envision yourself to be like the power of the sun which continuously supports growth for all life on earth!

Living Heartfully!

When the battle ends, when you stop fighting against your experiences and accept the natural changes and losses that life inevitably brings, you no longer suffer and have come home to the heart of happiness. Six vital steps are necessary for sustaining this new state of reality which will be covered in the next series of upcoming posts on Living Heartfully! To begin with, embrace unconditional love for self and others, with mutual respect. This is essential for setting self successfully on path to living with passion and soaring through life with ultimate freedom!

Be Your Best VI

Give yourself the gift of rewards! Imagine your inner child, the playful, joyful pure spirit within that delights in receiving gifts that surprise you in amazing ways! Bring this experience to the moment and observe how you truly feel! Whenever generosity, kindness, compassion and unconditional love comes forth, a deep sense of peace and gratitude within will surely arise!

Be Your Best V

Free self from challenging moments by changing your setting to one that is more soothing, relaxing, nourishing and deeply satisfying! Shift in the moment and follow heart desires. For instance, if you are engaged in a creative process working through a project and want to ease the unfolding process, you might decide to visit your favourite place in nature and relax, then see what arises in the moment. Miracles happen when you live fully in moment with open heart and true desires!