Be Your Pure Potential! V

As seasons change and daylight lessens, weather becomes more stormy and cold, allow self to simply be in depths of heart desires. Walk the path of your inner sanctuary with peace, grace and dignity. Be grateful for all you have. Soothe mind/body and nourish spirit from storms in outer world that may bring more challenges to your day and tire you, bring doubts and worry. Maintain open alertness in each and every moment as you recite all benefits you have had in your journey so far.

For instance, if you have overcome immense challenges in your journey so far and you do not want to increase challenges, you could say or sing to self “I am so much more today than I was yesterday! I am brighter and so much lighter. I am easier and filled with love and peace. I am my own pure spirit, here and now!!! I cherish all that I am and honour my ‘being’ within. I let go of past sufferings and limits of my pure potential. I am more! More am I! M.O.R.E.! Miracle Overcoming Rigors Evermore!

Be Your Pure Potential! IV

Adopt humour and lightheartedness as you accept foibles in life journey. Simply feel your natural aliveness in each and every passing moment when troubles with others arise. Observe the observant within and allow raucous laughter or lively fiery emotions to naturally flow through your pure state of ‘beingness’. Then notice how good it feels and how far you have walked on life journey. Let go, let go, let go .. more and more, each and every day and witness how sufferings from external sources simply dissolve.

It is common for family, friends, colleagues, social, cultural and political leaders to evoke daily challenges that ignite past fears, doubt and worry but when you live fully in moments and begin to see the bigger picture from a whole new perspective, you yourself also becomes bigger and better, wiser and more lively than ever before. Here your pure potential rises once again, bringing pure delight to a new way of living and being on sacred path of discovery!

Be Your Pure Potential! III

Allow challenges in moment to simply be what they are. Simply detachment from discomforts and release them with every out breath and open mind to place of expanded awareness. Observe what is happening and then step onto path of adventure stretching your limits with open heart and compassion, desires for improving life and embracing a whole new bigger picture.

For example, if you are feeling stressed and disrespected from another persons’ energies, live in the moment and accept what it is. See self and other in a whole new way. Ask self ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who is this person?’ Observe the observer within you and simply be! This is where your pure potential arises and evolution of your true nature becomes present!

BE your Pure Potential! II

Release ego identity. Ego identity is common for all humans and a natural part of journey of growth. It comes from our structured experiences embedded in the conditioned world, filled with political, economical, cultural and religious domination. Let go of all roles you have played, labels you have been identified as, and names you have been given. Allow yourself to grow into a whole new way of being while releasing the conditioned mind that inhibits possibilities. Tap into open mind and see self as pure consciousness which is infinite with no boundaries. Imagine your vitality and natural aliveness, your life energy as your true authentic being leading you on path of discovery!

BE your Pure Potential!

As a human being, we are all humans in the realm of ‘being’. Each of us lives in a body we were born in, which began as an egg, then turned into a zygote, embryo, baby, which then grew into a toddler, child, teen, and adult. In this journey in the conditioned world, each and everyone of us needs to tap into being our pure potential.

This is the world of unknowns where the conditioned mind releases all stories embedded with perceptions and cognitive constraints, labels, filters and lens. Everything you know limits your possibilities. So in order to BE your pure potential, liberate self with unconditional love and acceptance. Live in creative action with faith and generosity. Imagine yourself being in a fresh field of infinite possibilities. Here you will be your pure potential!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! VII

With an expanded mind, endless possibilities exist. All assumptions, details, specifics and differences disappear. Existence prevails here with neutral acceptance and open heart. Like standing on top of a mountain where 360 degree views and prevalence of earth and sky is felt both day and night, the level of oneness arises while contrived illusions and needing to control externals no longer exists.

In this place, the concept of no power evaporates. Let go powerlessness in self and others who may try to control you. Surrender to your own pure liveliness of existence. You are here on earth to be the wisdom of spirit, your soul being and essence within, with no friction or habit of creating commotions. Imagine self here as an eternal vessel of light where loving vibration from open heart brings unconditional acceptance. Light of love is an ever powerful source just as moon continuously glows nurturing energies on all life through darkness on earth!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! V

Gift self miracle of growth and evolving pureness within by regularly taking breaks!

  1. Step on your brake! Stop what you are doing from ego thinking.
  2. Break away from old habits of doing and patterns of thinking.
  3. Breathe deeply from abdomen, letting go all thoughts and float into spacious awareness.
  4. Broaden your horizon and dimension of being by adopting a new ritual that will improve quality of life for you in the long run.

Here, negativity with worry and doubt will dissolve while your own natural aliveness comes forth in moment, bringing the beauty of your true nature and essence of ‘beingness’ to world!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! IV

With open mind being vast like sky, hold clarity of intentions to carry focused attention on what is most important for body and heart. Follow ebb and flow of life with present moment awareness in all your actions. Imagine consciousness being elevated and mirroring the beauty and natural aliveness in nature. Similar vibrations yield a new level of trust within that something better is about to come!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! III

Flow with life as you live in ease with grace and dignity! Maintain an open mind like the vast blue sky with endless possibilities. Let go of thinking and patterns that bring physical pains and suffering. Connect with your true nature, a whole new level of being as you live simply and freely in every passing moment! The wisdom of spirit within is your wise inner sage that synchronistically guides you with every loving breath you take!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! II

Follow your senses within. Your energy and feelings in every moment connect with your true nature. There is no need to strengthen or protect self from others who may doubt your purity. Those who question or carry fear and judgement may not see or feel as you do. We each have our own true nature and we are all meant to be sensitive and feel as natural as a beautiful spirited young toddler. Honour this gift within as the best way of living your life now!