Transforming Realities VII

Listen to your heart and then follow your heart in every passing moment. Establish open awareness without defence. Be defenceless! Be aware of any any reactive habits you may carry in defending your point of view or trying to convince others. Accept different points of view without judgement and see other perspectives as a natural part of the great web of life. Do not attach to any perspectives at all but simply observe with open awareness and open heart! Wholeness with love, peace and harmony will then be your new reality!

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Transforming Realities VI

In every moment, the real YOU who is as pure as the newborn you once were is alive within. When you honour your heart and bodily sensations, you have access to unlimited choices. Practicing mindfulness can bring happiness, fulfillment and success into your new reality and the world around you!

Witness your choices and practice acceptance in the moment especially if you find yourself resisting who or what is in your life. See how every moment is the result of consequences of all previous choices you have made. Take responsibility for the challenge you are facing in the moment and mindfully maintain commitment to better choices every step of the way!

Transforming Realities V

Mindful actions are crucial for creating more satisfaction and quality of life. Make your journey easier by consciously committing to change. Consider what actions you can take to counteract habitual responses that have kept you stuck for way too long. Make a list of these actions and then commit to taking one action at a time. Follow through it even if you feel uncomfortable, fearful and increasing doubt. Breathe deeply in the moment and return to your open heart. Witness the change that is happening and become the change!


Transforming Realities IV

Taking action in the present moment helps transform realities by retraining the brain from fear-based responses to active problem solving. Consider what would bring more joy to your life and make a list of actions that will manifest this new reality. For instance, if you are in a challenging situation, you could take action by walking away. Choosing to suffer less and committing to joyful endeavours will certainly transform realities in amazing ways!

Transforming Realities III

Moving forward often requires much less energy than resisting change. Many people deplete themselves by carrying traditional roles learned early in life from their birth family and culture for way too long. If you find yourself tired of performing these roles such as doing all the cooking or all home maintenance, initiate change by express your truth and needs with others. Have open conversations that supports both you and others with win-win outcomes. Giving others the opportunity to take on new tasks can be very beneficial as they can expand their skills and knowledge. In addition, your deeper needs will be honoured! It is crucial to utilize authentic expression as much as possible to align inner desires with outer realities!

Transforming Realities II

When things don’t unfold the way you want them too, taking appropriate action in the moment is essential for maintaining harmony in your mind, body and heart. Imagine yourself moving forward in a positive way that brings greater vitality to your day. Engage your creative mind, thinking outside the box to make necessary changes for the long run. This doesn’t mean you have to fix everything or anyone, but simply explore possibilities to adopt right action.

For instance, if someone disappoints you by not upholding their word (ie: not walking their talk), you could choose to spend more time doing what you enjoy as opposed to waiting for another to make you happy. Relying on externals is never guaranteed in life. Relying on yourself is much more worthy as you step into living life more fully!



Transforming Realities

What do you desire most in life? In order to transform realities, we need to tap into our inner knowing and shift our focus onto the spiritual realm. Is it happiness, peace of mind, freedom from feeling stuck, burdened by anxiety or bored for long periods of time? Take action in the moment and you will start to transform realities from the inside out!

Create the future you desire by deciding what actions are necessary right now. You may inherently know you need to exercise more, eat better, give yourself more downtime, call an old friend, reduce clutter or improve your work situation. Take one step today and follow what feels best, leading to more balanced wellness and the future you desire!


Feel Your Open Heart V

At a pure level, giving does not exist alone as it is a part of the great web of life. Our giving comes from what we already have received in life. Therefore we are channels of this sacred energy. Recipients share their your unique selves and gifts within.

Ask yourself “What would ease challenges in our world at this time? How can I make a difference?” Spend some time meditating on this and see what arises within you. It may be visiting someone who feels alone or spreading more love on the planet through warm smiles and gentle kindness offered to every human who crosses your path today. Once your heart has fully opened, giving generously comes naturally as you have set yourself on the ultimate path of meaning and purpose. Every human holds a deep desire within to know this! Congratulations for walking this path of the open heart!


Feel Your Open Heart IV

Receiving can be difficult for some, especially those who may feel they don’t deserve it. Receiving opens the heart and humbles us, surprising us immensely in the moment. Think about elders at end of life who become greatly appreciative of all the help they received.

Ask yourself “What would ease another persons’ suffering?” Consider what talents and gifts you have that could make a big difference in their lives, enhancing quality of life in those precious moments. These experiences create memories that may always remain ingrained in hearts … forever and ever!

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Feel Your Open Heart III

A sacred union emerges whenever giving and receiving bonds relationships. The depths of our being where our open heart resides will naturally come forth and it becomes apparent the level of joy that is present within. Ponder what you would enjoy giving. Ask yourself “What brings me deep satisfaction and fulfillment?” Think about your passions, what you love to engage in, your gifted talents and inherent strengths. Remember whatever you give, you will also receive! The image below reflects this with the beautiful colours and design in the butterfly mirrored by the beautiful colouring and patterns of flower where nectar and sweetness of life is openly shared!