BE the Spirit of Life! V

Commit to what you truly love. Your passions deep within reverberate like the sound of an echo which naturally uplifts, regenerates and ignites new aspects of self in every moment unfolding. This may be your natural talents and spirited inclinations that spontaneously arise. Here, miracles are a part of daily life just as you too, are a miracle as well!

BE the Spirit of Life! III

Find your dreams as you find the aliveness of who you really are. Your true aliveness comes from within and not from external sources such as material possessions, ideas, adventures or knowledge. External sources are common for most humans as they bring short term satisfaction, alleviating worries, anxiety and pain through life journey.

Your inner world is the real source for dreams which brings the light of essence within. Here you will come to realize you are already home as bliss, peace and deep contentment are your long term companions on your path moving forward in life!

BE the Spirit of Life! II

Just as nature creates peace in the world, you too can also create peace in our world. Live with conscious awareness, carrying compassion and kindness in every passing moment. Accept yourself fully as this will soften the barriers between self and others. Then when your full spirited vitality brings the joy of aliveness to earth and all you do in your life, you will have a fluid, unified experience of body, mind and spirit, in unison with all lively beings on earth.

BE the Spirit of Life!

True happiness comes when we finally know who we really are! After awakening Self with an open heart, when depths of consciousness and existence of eternal love within and without is a part of our new reality, we become one with the great gifts of our beautiful natural world. We breathe in clean fresh air that nourishes us and no longer feel any separateness, no longer feel alone as everything around us supports enhanced quality of life. Here life simply moves through us as we enjoy each and every treasured moment while we give generously and deeply appreciate all we receive as well!

Burning Fear to Ashes! VIII

BE Gentle. Anytime troubling energies enter your environment, set boundaries with peace and loving kindness. Protect self while respecting others who carry turbulences as they have their own lessons to learn. Instead of adding more fire to fire or trying to control others, let go of thoughts, negative energies and actions by releasing shame, blame and fatigue. Allow peace to be in your heart and increase your own inner strength. Your open heart will always burn fear to ashes in a very natural way!

Burning Fear to Ashes! VII

Bring JOY to moments anytime change is needed. Allow delightful energies of joy to light up your life within by aligning self with light of darkness. Just as the moon and stars always shine in darkness of night, joy can also be present anytime you open self to experience more ease and grace during difficult times and stresses in life. Here, fears disappear! Here, ashes float away from fire of fears. Always know deep within self that you can create and manifest more joy and jubilation in your journey of life!

Burning Fear to Ashes! VI

Fire up your inner F.I.R.E.! Allow spark of light within to arise through Freedom Inside Released Easily. This is essential portal for breathtaking transmutation as yesterdays pain dissolve and eternal light of love becomes your new reality. All it takes is a single breath exhaling negativity within as you let go implicit and explicit memories, thoughts, physical tension, and emotional turbulence. Remember that it is never fear that prevails but only your fears of fear. Once you let fear go and open to this portal of change, all will shift in the blink of an eye. Commit to freeing self to whole new level of pureness, fully free from entanglements and sufferings. We are never meant to suffer in our life. We are only meant to be our pure existence with loving kindness and compassion for self and all other life in this world!

Burning Fear to Ashes! V

Pause . . . P.A.U.S.E.: Practice Affirmations Uplifting Spiritual Energies! Every morning of every day, in every moment when fear, doubt, worry rises, STOP! . . . S.T.O.P.: Silent Thoughts Open Possibilities! then step into positive affirmations that will ease path and elevate confidence and trust in self. Positive affirmations begin with “I”, are succinct with minimal words, carry positive energies which are meaningful and greatly transformative for depths of heart and soul.

For instance, if doubt arises from physical discomfort such as headaches, change your experience in the moment by repeatedly saying “I am safe.” “I am grounded and have peace within.” “I trust I can take better care of myself.” In this process, transformation happens and fears turn to ashes that disappear with every-changing winds of life!

Burning Fear to Ashes! IV

Living fully in moments can surprisingly burn fears to ashes in a timely way. Things you used to enjoy yesterday can fade away as you journey through stages of life. It is normal and natural in human journey as quality of life can re-elevate in astonishing ways! For instance, if you had a lifetime career in a certain trade or profession and no longer feel inspired to continue as it wears you down, it is time to let go and trust your capacity to succeed in mysteries unfolding. In this life-changing process, you will eventually come home to something more enlivening and enriching in your epic journey forth. Step into a whole new way of living with honesty and trust. Here, fear and doubt gives ways to sparks of light as ashes rise freely and fully up into the sky mirroring stardust and heaven on earth!

Flames on black background

Burning Fears to Ashes! III

Sedate what you relate to! This is another vital step in burning fears to ashes where negative energies reside. If you carry expectations from others and become disheartened when dark emotions arise, let go in the moment and once again, breathe out negative thoughts, emotions and body tensions as you breathe in unconditional love and acceptance for self and others. Rest in calm alertness, observing what is present and then move forward mindfully one step at a time with depths of your heart desires.

For instance, if a loved one disappoints you when they arrive at your door, carrying negative energies from painful experiences in day’s unfoldings and you expect that person to be loving and generous but they just aren’t in the moment, accept their sadness and pain and bring the soothing energy of love to both of you. This will heal and transform all and create a better outcome as opposed to holding fears and doubts along the way. Burning fears to ashes will certainly be swept away by the warm winds of life and the residue of fears, ashes will disappear at the perfect time and place!