Free Yourself IV

Elevate yourself and all of your experiences! Allow yourself to speak your truth to others. Doing so brings a higher level of¬† integrity back into your life. You are now able to truly walk your talk, integrating both your inner and outer worlds in amazing ways. Release any old limiting stories cycling through your mind and replace them with new positive, uplifting statements such as “I love and accept all parts of myself!”

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Free Yourself III

Bond with people who exude power and joy. Spend lots of time with uplifting friends and acquaintances who energize you. Be mindful about the amount of time you spend with those who are stuck in negativity, endless misery and helplessness. This can evoke darkness, doubt and negativity within. Focus instead on what you want to experience in life and what brings you greater joy!

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Free Yourself II

Bring awareness to rising emotions. When dark feelings surface, such as anxiety, fear, anger, or sadness, be aware of how they impact your thinking mind. Emotions naturally trigger rationalization, justifying and trying to make sense of things. These thoughts are largely based on old reactive patterns which are often limiting forces in life. Free yourself by shifting away from old habits in the moment. Open your mind to a whole new way of seeing and perceiving things. Take time to consider the long term effects of your behaviour patterns and potential consequences. When you commit to freeing yourself more and more each day, freedom can be your new reality!

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Free Yourself!

In order to truly feel free and flow with life, there are some important steps we need to take in manifesting this new style of living. Over the next several weeks, there will be essential tips and practices that will help transform experiences in profound ways!

Begin by bringing awareness to the mind and rising thoughts.¬†Notice whenever negativity enters your mind through helpless thinking and victimization. Shift in the moment by asking yourself “What can I do?” and open your mind to possibilities. Ponder what you do not know about the situation, then mindfully commit to taking one positive step forward. Shifting to proactive thinking supports a natural sense of freedom and power within!


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Flow with Life VII

Be a part of the bigger picture in life, beyond self. Embrace the larger community, including all those who are near and far. Mindfully contribute to a more balanced world with greater love and connections. Bring wellness to all through compassion, kindness and an open heart. Flow with light and life!

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Flow with Life VI

Be lighthearted. Laugh at the silliness of things! Don’t judge, compare or feel lesser or better than others. See yourself and your life as part of a great ecosystem where all contrasts are natural components of life. Simply maintain a state of relaxed presence with a kind and open heart. Having a sense of humour helps life flow more easily and also helps you to flow joyously with life!

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Flow with Life V

Stretch yourself! Accept challenges as they arise and walk through discomfort one step at a time, maintaining focus on the bigger picture. As mentioned in the last post, life is an adventure. All adventures lead you into new terrain with new experiences and opportunities to expand and discover your authentic self. The inner journey is most important in life, more important than the external one. Have confidence in your capacity to overcome any challenge and this will be your new reality!

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Flow with Life III

Healthy social connections are a vital part of maintaining a sense of stability when flowing with life. The acts of giving and receiving support nourishes the heart in a very deep and soothing way. Generosity and humbleness soothes our being, eases anxiety and lingering sensations from the past, feelings of alienation and separation.

Flow with grace through solid connections with loved ones, family, friends and like minds. Reach out for comfort, celebrate joys together, listen to fears, and trust that each of you will be accepted and understood in both roles, as giver and receiver. Flow comes naturally and beautifully when we are able to prioritize these qualities in our relationships!


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Flow with Life II

Empowering beliefs are the foundation for flowing with life. Believe from the depths of your heart that both ease and joy are possible. Believe that flow can be your reality at any given moment. See your precious life as a wonderful gift to be honoured and treasured.

The past is behind you now. This moment today is new and precious, never to be repeated again. You are constantly growing and changing through life, evolving to higher levels of consciousness. Stress, annoyances and pain no longer need to dominate your day. Breathe deep, release all tension and negativity. Relax with confidence, knowing you have the capacity to flow through life. Know that you can flow with more grace, transforming your experiences in the moment by making wise choices, resolving, altering, or walking away from difficulties that arise. Say goodbye to strife and hello to flow!

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Flow with Life

To flow with life means to not feel stuck. When we accept what is happening before us, we can respond mindfully and allow flow to become our way of being. Instead of reacting with old patterns of behaviour, we stay fully present in the moment with open awareness. Regardless of circumstances and situations beyond our control, we can maintain a more positive outlook maintaining a wonderful sense of freedom within.

Set a foundation of empowering beliefs for yourself. Believe in your capacity to solve problems, to come up with a variety of possibilities and even employ creative solutions to any situation. Build confidence in yourself by taking the necessary steps to move forward in life. Always remember: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

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