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Path of Growing Younger: Clear Mind, Healthy Body, Pure Heart. At the beginning of my journey, I learned a lot as I started to look deep inside myself and discover new things I had not known before. I have benefited greatly from Fay’s workshops and also from reading her blogs on websites which have beautiful calming pictures. I am very grateful for her wisdom, intelligence and guidance which brings many positive effects to myself and others.” – Dianne G., Coquitlam  

Eight Gates to Wisdom Fay is a kind, strong and nurturing soul. I attended a number of her Eight Gates to Wisdom workshops and found her to be a wonderful facilitator, full of wisdom and guidance. She is an incredible storyteller.  From her workshops, I have become much more aware of the different phases of my life and the experiences that made me who I am today, what a blessing it truly is to be a woman and to know we can age gracefully.  – Linda, Burnaby  

The Art of Forgiving  I found Fay’s The Art of Forgiving seminar to be immensely helpful in expanding my understanding of the subject.  It provided me with valuable insights and sense of relief that frankly I didn’t know existed.  My idea of forgiving was sweeping things under the rug and moving on.  And over the years, I realized that this way of handling it predominantly backfires, creating more issues and strains in my relationships.  Now, I’ve learned much healthier approach and mindset that can benefit me as well as others in my life.  I highly recommend this seminar! – B. Kim

Balance 101: I really enjoyed the Balance 101 seminar.  I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to find out. The session was reaffirming, calming and enlightening for me.   The exercise at the end of the session was quite wonderful. – Wendy Isley

Living Intuitively: Clearing Heart Chakra  “Since the Heart Chakra class 6 weeks ago, my life has vastly improved in terms of self-love and caring for my body and mind” – Tabitha Brumer

Heart & Soul of Mother-Daughter Relationships “Fay is an incredibly gifted creator and facilitator of workshops.  She creates and leads with heart. Her content is wonderfully varied: individual reflection time, group exercises, group sharing, drawing, meditation – it all just works!!” – Lisa Kamerling

Fay has offered a number of workshops for our members of Ridge Meadows Seniors Society.  Each class was well laid out and catered to the needs of the group.  Fay provides a great deal of support and encouragement to assist our members in integrating what they learn into their lives.  Her warmth, knowledge and compassion set the tone for a great connection amongst each of the groups she leads.  Our members keep coming back for more!  – Maria Perretta, Activity & Volunteer Coordinator,  Ridge Meadows Seniors Society

Heart of Compassion “This seminar releases all the problems in your heart and thoughts.  It brings you peace!” – Linda Williams

Doodle Bliss “I really enjoyed creating my weekly masterpieces. I have always enjoyed playing with colours. It is a peaceful activity for me that I look forward to.” – Donna Dunn

Breakfast with Soul  “Recently, I had the immense pleasure of meeting Fay Wong at S.M.A.R.T. Cafe, Breakfast with Soul. Upon our introduction, I immediately, found her to be a rare, genuine treasure. She carried herself with grace and elegance. She introduced the topic, “Soul”, into the conversation, in a seamless, masterful way which was truly delightful and refreshing. Our conversation was never awkward or uncomfortable. It appeared to me that Fay has a deep respect for human beings from all paths of life and for the gift of life itself.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, or perhaps looking for fulfillment, the answers all lie within you. Fay, a beautiful gem herself, can assist you in sparkling your own inner brilliance from the depths of your soul to the outer world around you.

Fay has much to offer in different formats for anyone and everyone who is interested in enriching their lives. I highly recommend a meeting with Fay if you need a little clarity in your life. You will walk away feeling lighter and brighter, with a big smile on your face and in your heart.” – Suzanne Belanger

The Heart of Self-Forgiveness: “I feel like a new person after attending the Heart of Self-Forgiveness series” – Nicole Gemme

The Heart of Self-Forgiveness: “I have learned to accept without lashing out.” – Linda Williams

Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Approach to Stress: “This seminar was very helpful for me.” – Zahra

Living Intuitively: “The passion and energy that filled the room was truly amazing.  I left feeling relaxed and energized all at the same time.” – Clare Lappin

Setting Your Intentions: “I found this session to be very uplifting and would recommend it to my friends.” – Loriann Peters

The Art of Forgiving (4 session series): “Fay is amazing! Her seminars were packed with wisdom and hope, and her kindness, generosity and honesty shone through in her desire to help others.” – Kiran Ladva

Holiday Blues: “Fay dares to be courageous – she shares her vulnerability, thereby making the space very empathetic, comforting , healing and thereby non-threatening.” – Lynn Mayer

Developing Intuition: “Thank you Fay for the wonderful seminar!   Your amazing energy clearly had us all feeling confident enough to open up to strangers and that was so refreshing and up lifting … I’m still feeling pretty darn good!!” – Peggy Bralic

Art of Forgiving, 4 session series: “Fay has a gift to teach and share her life experiences. Her seminars are life changing.” – Jayne Iwanow

Creative Journaling 6 session series: “It was fun, insightful, and very rewarding. I was surprised how quickly certain revelations would come through.” – Anna Caltagirone

Creative Journaling 6 session series: “I am very happy I took this class. It’s been very healing and growing, it’s about your inner self.  Fay is an amazing, caring, insightful person!  Thank You!” – Teresa Oliverio

Doodle Bliss: “It was so much fun. the time flew by. I wish I had made it to all of the sessions.” – Donna Dunn

Creative Journaling “Fay is a gifted, professional facilitator who brings her wonderfully enlightened self to each session. She created a warm, welcoming, safe & respectful environment for our group.  The exercises helped us explore our emotions, life paths, where we’re at now, what we might like to change, and what we can celebrate about ourselves. By using colour, shapes, symbols, words and even stick people, you will learn more about yourself and also have fun. I didn’t want the course to end!” – Lisa Kamerling

Creative Journaling: “Creative Journaling is much more than I expected. It is more than writing. It is expressing my fun and creative side, as well as my soul.  I learned to open up my emotions and look at them.” – Barbara Westerby

Creative Journaling: “Taking part in Fay’s Creative Journaling course allowed me to oust an inner critic I didn’t know I had. With that niggling voice gone, I find it easier to express myself. I’m confident that this will lead to positive changes and more clarity in where I want to take my life in the next chapter. ” – Susan Wong

Doodle Bliss: “Doodle Bliss is very freeing, relaxing, thought-provoking. I am amazed at what wells up inside me (happy and sad) as the pen flows.” – Anna

Doodle Bliss: “Before this class, I had no idea how freeing doodling can be and now many creative areas have opened to me in my doodling.” – Barbara

Goodbye A.N.T.s: “Fay is very good at getting people to think and open up their mind.” – Barbara Foley

Goodbye A.N.T.s: “Very professional and well thought out. Easy to understand.  Fay is very knowledgeable.” – Mary Earle

Doodle Bliss: “Both interesting and soothing to the soul,Fay’s workshops are a much needed addition to the community and the spirit!” – Melissa

Doodle Bliss: “It is wonderful to have a place to go and create freely. Doodling makes me feel like a kid all over again.  Thanks Fay, for the space you create, the fun, wisdom and inspiration!” – Zoey Wren, Vocal Coach, Singer and Sound Healer

Developing Intuition: “These courses always bring me clarity.” – Tammy Hardcastle

Developing Intuition: “I loved Fay’s seminar. She is knowledgeable, welcoming and passionate. I felt open and empowered. Thank you.” – Barb Quinn

Developing Intuition: “I really enjoyed Fay’s approach! A different perspective is always welcome.” – Penny Omnes

Organic Living (One-day retreat) “I attended Fay’s well organized, full-day Organic Living Seminar.  The day was fun, which is something many of today’s adults are lacking in their lives.  We sang, learned about the seven chakras (body energy centres that relate to our health) and made mandala circles from fruits and vegetables of assorted colours and textures.  We each pulled a Wisdom Oracle card.  Mine was the Resting Tree, a sign for one to stop focusing and planning and be at peace in the moment.  This is an area of constant struggle for me.  Fay even prepared a delicious lunch for the group.  She is passionate about health and wellness and lives what she teaches.” – Donna Dunn

Organic Living (One-day retreat) “I was impressed by Fay’s focus and energy delivered in the Organic Living workshop last weekend.  I enjoyed so many elements of the workshop, especially learning interesting and relatable facts about the chakras.  The meditation session was remarkable.  This week continues for me with a calmness I have not experienced in a long while.  A huge thanks to Fay and her workshop.” – Anita Tomasso

Organic Living (One-day retreat) “A wonderful experience, came away from it feeling positive and energized.” – Deb Lindberg

Developing Intuition seminar:  “I absolutely enjoyed Fay’s intuition workshop!  She made the information very easy to absorb and if any questions did arise she took the time to explain the information further.     Fay has a definite gift for  making each person in the class feel welcome and relaxed. It is obvious that Fay is a natural teacher and the passion that she feels for the subject really helped me to grasp and understand things thoroughly. I am looking forward to attending her new classes in the fall.” – Tammy Hardcastle

Aging Brilliantly series (4 seminars): “Fay is a wonderful speaker and teacher. Very knowledgeable. She provides a respectful and comfortable place to speak your mind and share one’s thoughts. Thank you so much, Fay.” – Jen Obermeyer

Basics of Meditation: “Wonderful to be reminded again that I can do it and this time, I really want to – not just that I should.” – Paddi

Creative Journaling: “I appreciate the encouragement and exercises to expand self-awareness and personal growth.” – Jenny

S.M.A.R.T. Cafe: “Refreshing concept, unique delivery and emotionally and mentally stimulating!!  Thanks, Fay!” – Marilyn

S.M.A.R.T. Cafe “Fay has an intuitive way of tapping into things and inspiring others.” – Francesca

“I have been inspired to truly step “out of the box” and embrace my life and look forward to my future ‘childhood’ (evolution)” – L. Leone

“Some really good information packed in such a short time frame.” – A. Caltagirone

“I have attended three seminars given by Fay Wong.  She is always professional, well prepared and has a thorough knowledge of her topic.  Attendee participation is welcomed and encouraged.  She shares personal experiences that relate to the topic and provides information regarding supplementary resources.  She is a genuinely nice and caring person.  I look forward to attending more seminars given by Fay as I travel along the path to a more joyous life.” – D. Dunn

“I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to prepare your workshops. I find it very interesting listening to the life experiences of the other women. You spend a lot of time researching the material that you refer to during the presentations. I look forward to many more inspiring mornings participating in your presentations.” – I. B.

“I attended all 3 sessions of Communicating with Heart and enjoyed the interaction, participation, good information and much learning.  Fay provides excellent presentations.” – J.C.

“Fay is a great listener, very much down to earth and at the same time professional. She has a fantastic outlook on life, always focusing on the positive.  It’s easy to open up to her.  She helped me answer questions I have asked myself and also gave me new perspectives.” – J.T.

“I attended the seminar, ‘Mindfulness: A Revolutionary approach to Stress’ and found it to be well organized and thorough.  I particularly enjoyed the mindfulness meditation experience and resources Fay provided.” – C. I.

“Fay puts so much into her blogs and truly has a gift. I appreciate them and they inspire more people than she can ever know. Well said, Fay. We should all step out of the loop now and then.” – L. F., Montreal, Quebec

“Fay is very accepting and open.  She creates a safe environment.” – L.M.

“Fay is a joyful and enthusiastic person who sincerely cares about the wellbeing of others.  She is an excellent model for healthy living.  I highly recommend her sessions.”  – B.S.

“I attended the ‘Aging Brilliantly – Mindful Wellness’ seminar with Fay and found this often sombre subject (aging) treated with respect and some humour  🙂     All aspects of enhancing quality of life as we age were covered, keeping both our minds sharp and bodies active, through conscious wellness, while also learning to cope with life’s unexpected detours in our plans.  Fay demonstrated the importance of paying attention to balance through an art activity where we created our own vehicles for aging well.  What I enjoyed most was the positive presentation and humour!” – F.F.

“I attended the discussion group on Seasonal Affective Disorder and really enjoyed the positive energy and sharing of stories.  Fay is kind, caring and realistic with herself and others, when addressing how to enjoy your life.”  – C.C.

“I enjoyed the open and honest format plus feelings of warmth from sharing.  I learned to ‘look’ so that I can really “see” and explore the world around me.  I need my pathway to be less cluttered and more structured.  I’m on my way!”  – L.O.

“What I enjoyed most about the discussion on Seasonal Affective Disorder is hearing other people’s experiences and helpful tips.”  – G.P.

“The discussion on Seasonal Affective Disorder helped me to know that I am not alone in this struggle.  Time just flew by in this 2-hour session and the only thing that could have made this session better was having more time.  Fay is very caring and shares numerous ideas and solutions.”  – W.P.

“I enjoyed the practical suggestions and useful information for coping with SAD.  Fay facilitated the group well, was easy to follow and related personal experiences.”  – J.F.

“The best part of SAD was learning from the sharing of other’s successes and failures.”  – T.D.

“Fay is a very personable, happy and caring instructor.  She has a great ability for making her group feel relaxed and open to sharing.  She is so positive!” – M.A.

“Fay Wong provided a fun, lively and engaging afternoon event.  She got our very diverse teams enthusiastically working together and gave us all plenty of ideas to take away and reflect upon.” – B. Watson, Executive Director, Act2 Child and Family Services

“A great afternoon and reminder to never stop learning and travelling the road of self-discovery.  Always be kind to yourself.” – Act2 staff member

“During our annual staff appreciation luncheon, Fay provided 20 minutes of light-hearted humour to entertain our staff of over 50 caregivers. Her engaging style, positive energy and interactive exercises motivated the entire group to relax, be silly and laugh out loud. We learned first-hand the benefits of humour and wholesome belly laughter! I highly recommend Fay’s sessions to any business seeking an inspirational speaker who elicits participation through team building activities.” – S. Scramstad, General Manager, Home Instead Senior Care

“Bounce! was most inspiring!  It was well-organized with lots of information that flowed well from point to point.”  – C.G.

“I gained awareness of the cycles of life changes and how to cope with them.  I enjoyed the casual, intimate group discussions and many tools provided to accomplish goals.”  – D.P.

“The group discussions were excellent.  Bounce! was very educational and I am able to put into practice many tips and suggestions that were provided.  The visuals were extremely helpful in demonstrating key concepts.”  – S.D.

“Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts was a wonderful presentation delivered by Fay, a knowledgable and professional moderator.  She covered all topics to (almost) perfection!!”  – R.W.

“The stress workshop was very informative, providing new ideas and personal life experiences that helped to clarify my understanding.”  – S. Dickey

“I am glad I came to the stress workshop.  I feel I have taken some great ideas home with me.  It was a very well rounded session.”  – J.W.

“From the perspective of a retired teacher-librarian of 12 years, I found the Healthy Aging workshop both empowering and invigorating.  Fay offered a well-paced, highly informative session interspersed with a variety of activities to emphasize how the audience could achieve the “7 Keys to Healthy Aging”.  If we as individuals embrace each of those keys and slowly adhere to the idea of changes, then those “little steps” become healthy habits for the rest of our lives!  … For an evening fostering personal growth coupled with moments of light entertainment, treat yourself to one of Fay’s upcoming workshops – you won’t be disappointed!”  – J. Lee

“As the founder of up-and-coming ‘Elderberry Commons’, communal living for elders in Yarrow Ecovillage, I found the Healthy Aging workshop extremely informative and enlightening.  I was inspired by the depth and breadth of material covered, especially the many inspirational stories that Fay shared of wise elders who are exemplary role models for aging well.  … The workshop was similar to a delightful romp through a field of wild flowers, with surprises and injections of joy and humour sprinkled throughout.  I highly recommend this experiential workshop to anyone who is aspires to age well.”  – I. Jones, Possibilitarian, Yarrow Ecovillage

“I attended the Healthy Aging workshop and came away feeling better about my life.  As I reflect on what I learned about myself, I embrace the 7 keys to Healthy Aging. ”  – A. Tomasso

Fay created and hosted a “Better Choices” workshop for our agency.  We support individuals with developmental disabilities within our community.  It has been a goal for many of the staff and clients to work on better eating habits, stress reduction and a healthy approach to life.  Fay’s workshop was informative, entertaining and highly informative.” – L. Weisgarber, Community Integration Services Society

“The workshop which Fay presented to our organization participants and staff was very inspiring and stimulating.  Individuals were able to volunteer at various times.  Fay engaged people to give their feedback while teaching healthy habits.  She encouraged people to participate by asking questions.  Fay had a few visual creative props such as charts and a felt manhole, which she used as a form of teaching.  At the end of the presentation, Fay had handouts to help everyone set personal goals and keep inspring information.”  – M.J., Community Integration Services Society  

“I had the pleasure of attending Fay’s relationship workshop (Peas in a Pod! Great Relationships) recently.  Fay was warm, friendly and professional.  It became evident very quickly that Fay had a vast knowledge on the subject she was teaching and was genuinely speaking from experience.  It was also evident that she has a wisdom that comes from continually learning and improving herself.  Her confidence put us at ease as she led us through thoughtful exercises in self-discovery.  If you have the opportunity to attend one of Fay’s workshops, I highly recommend it.”  – D. O’Neill

“I really enjoyed Fay’s workshop: Eat Play Love!  It was full of lots of great tips, reminders and stories – little things you can take away with you to start making positive changes in your life right away.  She led the seminar with compassion, humour and a genuine interest in people that was refreshing and inspirational.  Thanks for the great evening!”  –  K. Wagner

“Good discussions, great variety of points and topics, all brought together in a meaningful way.”  – S. Scramstaad

“Fay has a great spirit and presence . . .  You definitely feel good after spending time with her . . . ENLIGHTENING!”  – K. Hall

“Eat Play Love! was brilliant, well prepared and the time flew.  (The workshop was) better than a glass of wine!”  – A. Cummerford

“I loved the (Eat Play Love!) workshop.  I found it interesting, inspiring and enlightening.”  – L. Franklin

“Work is hectic and I have not had a day off in weeks but I feel like I just had a vacation.  My mood is lighter and I feel upbeat since attending the Humour & Happiness workshop.”               – A. Tomasso

“Fay is an inspiring model who is engaging and personable.  She applies the principles she teaches and offers exercises that are useful for my situation . . .  I am inspired to be a stress hardy person.”    – I. Sterling

“I came to the (Humour & Happiness) workshop feeling quite stressed.  I enjoyed the content and the laughter.  I felt so much better and definitely less stressed when I left.”  – S. Tempel

“Fay is a professional workshop facilitator who offers creative solutions for managing stress.”  – K. Tyrell

“I enjoyed the session and laughter very much.  I needed a reminder that happiness is inside each one of us.”  – S. Uremovich

“I learned some things I didn’t know about myself when it comes to having fun!”  – L. Lee

“I really enjoyed the Happiness seminar.  I learned a lot and laughed a lot!” – M. Samuels