Manifest True Love! IV

True love is based on a higher level of existence. In order to make it your new reality, know that it is neither based on defending or depending, demanding or commanding. True love comes from a state of interdependency where your positive energies, are mirrored by all of life in world. Here external sources are not literally and physically sought after but just magically arises at right time and place in ones’ life! Once you come home to place of kindness and compassion, you will blossom forth like a flower that naturally blooms forth in most beautiful ways! Know that you too can be one of the most beautiful growths that appear on this planet, where everyone and everything around you loves and admires you just as much as you do in return!

Manifest True Love! III

Be gentle. Be generous. Be genuine! Be the genuine light that comes from sky, every day and every night, emitting power of great warmth and brightness, and also gentleness of soothing lights that calm mind/body. Positive energies support positive emotions that naturally lightens the journey of life. Knowing it is always present and available is key for every human to elevate quality of love and life in amazing ways. Breathe in love with every in-breath, breathe out fear and worries with every out breath. Gravitate naturally to your higher self as you flow with grace and ease and become one with sky!

Manifest True Love! II

Life is all about making love as love makes life in most exquisite ways. Once you align self with depths of open heart, positive energies of kindness, generosity, compassion, grace and dignity, quality of life will elevate in miraculous ways! All the love you wanted and all the love you sought after becomes a magical part of your daily experiences!

Manifesting true love is all about staying in the pureness of being with open mind, free from conditioned thinking and ego desires. True love will become your best friend within that easily and effortlessly unites you with all life around you that you deeply admire. This may include not only family members, friends, neighbours and even strangers you might spontaneously meet on nature walks, but also trees, plants, flowers, and ocean waters. It may also include mountains, valleys, wilderness, animals and birds in vast open skies with warm sunshine and bright moon at night. Here, deep satisfaction within arises in moments unfolding!

Manifest True Love!

True love brings unity to life. Not only will it unite mind, body, and spirit in healthier ways to state of equilibrium, but it will also bring loving relationships with others. Similar to path of discovering your own pure potential where unlimited possibilities exist, true love can also spontaneously arise with open hearts as boundless, immeasurable and restorative energies unite you with all life around you.

Think back to a time when you were capable of successfully facing challenges, carrying enough courage and powers of trust, love, ease and peace of mind. It could have been a best friend who supported you with understanding, caring words and comments that were all a part of your catalyst for change. It could also be something that arose within your intuition, from evolution of wisdom that comes into the moment and you feel more comfortable and confident, trusting with open heart.

Be Your Pure Potential! X

As your awareness awakens to bring you home to your pure potential over and over again, know that those who uplift you when you are in the company of kindred spirits can be portals to contributing to your higher state of being. This is simply because they can see you and feel you from freshness of moment. Looking into your eye brings a whole new level of perception beyond the physical conditioned world of humanity.

For instance, if you’ve only saw yourself as a human living in a community and other people see and feel you as an earth angel who gracefully floats through the world in wonderfully spirited ways, the magic of your pure potential comes forth! Allow that as a new part of your reality which will eventually resonate 100% with who you truly are and what you become!

Be Your Pure Potential! IX

Only give to others what you most desire within. Avoid negativity with fear, anger, judgement, rejection and controlling energies, trying to convince others to see the bigger picture in life. Only those who are ready to hear and see and feel the bigger picture should be your confidants on journey forth. Those who disagree, belittle, doubt, judge and criticize you back for your pureness within are not the best on your journey of homecoming.

For instance, if you have a family member who has been controlling you for your entire lifetime, set boundaries to limit time and level of conversations with them. Be your own best friend to support your pure potential coming forth with grace, ease, dignity and respect. No one knows truly who you are and who you’re going to be. Even you don’t know that but it’s all okay as you journey forth with open heart and loving acceptance in each and every passing moment! Pure Potential can POP! into your life just as the magic and mysteries unfold!

Be Your Pure Potential! VIII

When year comes to an end and a new year soon begins, satisfy your yearnings deep within by listening to depths of your heart and soul. Live mindfully as you allow your intuition to guide you along the way. Become the REAL artist of your own life, where you momentarily choose which direction to go, which place to be at and simply witness the magical creation of what becomes!

Imagine your life like an abstract painting where endless mysteries come forth. Every colour you chose, every type of stroke you do, every combination with additions and removals uncover all that is totally unpredictable. Here the magic of your own natural vitality and creative forces within brings forth your pure potential!

Be Your Pure Potential! VII

The path of being your pure potential is the greatest journey in life! Here you will you evolve self to a whole new level of existence! It involves rebirthing self in surprising ways so that who you were yesterday and what you knew in the past all dissolves in amazing ways. This is the maze of mystery, where metamorphosis creates wonder and awe, elevating quality of life in ways you may never have imagined. Just as stars and galaxies swirl in the sky, you too can mirror these powers and become one with all stars and planets, all waters on earth, and all life in our natural world!

Be Your Pure Potential! VI

Practice patience on your journey forth, especially when confusion, fear or doubt arises within. Simply let go with each out breathe and move on forth with openness to mysteries unfolding. Know that there are things you do not know yet, just as you know that what you know today was something you did not know yesterday. Hold trust and confidence reciting positive affirmations such as “I am much more today than I was yesterday. I am growing and learning more and more, each and every day!” When you set self on path of peace with patience and trust, the grand awakening of your pure potential comes forth when time is right!

Imagine yourself being at a river of sorrows, trusting that you can and will flow with ease through it with open heart. Envision the dark energies as boulders with bulldozer energies that blocks life, impacting flow to a large degree as it crashes, swirls around, flies upwards and pours on down like amazing waterfalls. Even though it pours, it is not poor! It just is! After the water falls, there may be more boulders downstream but there will also be areas where smaller rocks are and where water looks still at side of embankment. In this place of calmness, white foam arises mirroring heaven on earth, bringing peace and wisdom, essential messages from mother earth and valuable insights that will support your pure potential coming forth!

Be Your Pure Potential! V

As seasons change and daylight lessens, weather becomes more stormy and cold, allow self to simply be in depths of heart desires. Walk the path of your inner sanctuary with peace, grace and dignity. Be grateful for all you have. Soothe mind/body and nourish spirit from storms in outer world that may bring more challenges to your day and tire you, bring doubts and worry. Maintain open alertness in each and every moment as you recite all benefits you have had in your journey so far.

For instance, if you have overcome immense challenges in your journey so far and you do not want to increase challenges, you could say or sing to self “I am so much more today than I was yesterday! I am brighter and so much lighter. I am easier and filled with love and peace. I am my own pure spirit, here and now!!! I cherish all that I am and honour my ‘being’ within. I let go of past sufferings and limits of my pure potential. I am more! More am I! M.O.R.E.! Miracle Overcoming Rigors Evermore!