Rest 3

Rest outdoors. Turn your attention to the space around you. Feel the vastness of the surrounding landscape and sky above. Revere the great open space that holds the sun, moon, clouds, stars and planets. Allow your mind and heart to meld and become one with the infinite space above.

Relax deeper with each out breath and allow yourself to rest in the immensity that is both around you and within you. Notice how loving awareness can be as vast as the sky. Let it hold everything from pleasure to pain, calmness to anxiety, joy to sorrow. Rest in the fullness of pure loving awareness.

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Rest 2

Rest in the spaciousness of an open mind and heart. Allow any thoughts, feelings or situations to just be and simply observe them from a place of love. Be a loving witness of all that is happening in your life. As you come to embrace loving awareness more and more, become loving awareness itself. Practice this new way of being in life to remember and trust that it is always there and will always be there. Anytime you find yourself feeling lost or stuck, stop. Take a deep breath and envision yourself stepping back. Rest in the moment with a spacious mind and witness those limiting states while mindfully holding them in loving awareness.

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Rest is key for sustaining oneself. Prioritize rest when you feel out of balance, tired or stressed out. Rest in the very moment you are aware this is happening. Remember that rest at the most rejuvenating level involves not just slowing down, shifting to a different environment or relaxing in a comfortable chair, but also a shift in the mind.

Rest involves a sense of emptiness. Empty your mind of thoughts, ambitions, and any emotions that are present. Allow yourself to just be. There is nothing you need to do and only the present moment to revere. Honour your breath and body. Allow rest and relaxation to give rise to peace in the moment.


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Impulses 3

Internal reactions are the core of all impulses. Looking deeper into the internal realm, what do you experience physically, emotionally, and psychologically when exposed to external influences? For example, if you walk into a bakery and see a 3 inch thick slice of blueberry pie with an exquisitely golden crust, what is triggered within you? What thoughts, emotional feelings, and bodily sensations are ignited?  Do you start to salivate, feel excitement in your body, and a strong impulse to reach for your wallet and order a piece? Or if you step into a meeting where 30 people are debating an issue in your community, what immediately arises within? Do you feel a sense of power or powerlessness in the moment, sadness or excitement, fear or courage? Is there tension in your body, has your heartbeat elevated or are you remaining calm? Be aware of what arises within. The best response always involves a win-win where no one is hurt and every person is respected, including yourself!

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Impulses 2

Impulses are triggered by both internal and external influences. When we react to certain things in the moment, we may find ourselves spontaneously doing things without conscious awareness. Looking deeper into the external realm, what you are habitually drawn towards in daily life?

For instance, if you are habitually drawn towards texting, shopping, watching dramas, indulging in certain beverages and sweets, ponder the degree to which each of these activities support overall balance in your life. Do you spend too much time with some and not enough with others? Do you find your days are mostly calm and satisfying or hectic and crazy with never enough time to slow down and reenergize? Balanced wellness involves all your needs being met, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

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What are your impulses? What triggers you to do the things that you do? Are they mindful choices or mind-less? Mind-less means without thinking or consideration. Mind-less choices are usually the result of ingrained habits. We may continue to exercise these habits as long as we don’t stop to consider the longer term effects of these choices. Therefore, the question we all need to ask ourselves today is: “Do these habits serve me well? Do they support the future I desire?” If the answer is no, the time to change is now!

There are myriad ways in which we humans are drawn to acting impulsively in today’s world. These can be from both internal and external sources. Internally, our habitual ways of thinking, mind stories, emotions and body senses spur us to do certain things. Externally, technology, media, social influences and environmental conditions influence our reactive behaviours. Take some time this week to consider what triggers your impulses and whether they serve you well or not.


Peace & Contentment 10

Deep peace and contentment comes from living a life with meaning and purpose. Know what is really important to you and bring integrity to the forefront in everything you say and do in life. Maintain alignment with core values and life will naturally bring a rewarding level of peace and contentment!

Peace & Contentment 8

Smile from your heart. Exude joy from deep within and the world will mirror it back to you. If you are truly aligned with your natural energy of vitality and zest for life, your energy will reveal this in every step you take. Your heartfelt joy will be affirmed by the smiles you receive back from others.

According to the laws of attraction, the energy you exude attracts more of the same. So, be aware when the shadows of dark moods overcome you and allow them to disappear just as naturally as they floated in. Let go of any mind stories that justify or maintain darkness. Focus on returning to your natural state of joy. This is where you will once again meet peace and contentment in the moment!

Peace & Contentment 7

With everything you choose to do, remember your original purpose. Remember the reason why you chose that particular endeavour. For example, if you chose to drive to work, be aware when you become stressed with traffic problems. Let go annoyances and maintain focus on your original purpose. You may have chosen to drive in order to maintain your physical energy for a full workday. Allow other issues on the road to just be and be your true self, grounded in the moment remembering your original purpose.

Peace & Contentment 9

Peace and contentment requires action. Consider all the sources and ways that you can soothe and nourish yourself in the deepest sense. Does it include time alone without distractions or time with people you cherish? Does it involve music, art, dance, or certain foods? Walks in nature, breathing in ocean forest scents and ocean air, gazing at ever-changing cloud formations are common experiences that transform stress and struggle to ease and flow in life. Create a list of all the things that help you regain balance. Peace and contentment comes in moments that you mindfully re-balance self!