Freedom 6

Focusing on the freedom to live fully means to be alive in your own mind and heart. Know your passions and gifts, your song in life and share them with the world. Inner freedom expressed in the outer world is indeed a worthy endeavour that requires great courage. Freedom experienced in both realms is a precious treasure, vital for realizing a full and satisfying life!

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Freedom 5

Living mindfully strengthens our capacity to experience freedom in the moment. We always  have a choice in how we respond to the external world. We can either engage in the negative energy or be a catalyst for positive change in the world around. Whether it be in our home, local community or country, helping others nourishes a deeper sense of connection with others. The magnificent gift is a genuine win-win from the heart level, resulting in a profound sense of freedom at the core!

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Freedom 4

Living in the present moment is the foundation for freedom. This can be difficult though, especially when adversity strikes. Adversity may trigger myriad emotions leading to resistance in the moment and the more one resists, the less free one feels. Be mindful of rising emotions and limiting habits that block the potential for freedom in the moment. Acknowledge and release emotions in a healthy way!



Freedom 3

Stretch your mind and step out of chronological time. Release concepts of yesterday and tomorrow. Release worries about the past and future. Focus instead on the notion that only this very moment exists and that this moment holds everything from the past and everything for the future. This moment is where freedom can be found!


Freedom 2

See each moment as precious and new. Adopt a beginners mind, like that of a child who experiences everything for the first time. See each moment as a miracle which will never be repeated again. This is how freedom can be experienced in the most natural way!

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All too often, we may feel stuck in life. In reality though, freedom is always available. We just need to be open to experiencing it. Be exactly where it is instead of waiting for something to happen in your life. Know that you can make it your reality anytime you choose. Be the one who knows that you and loving awareness are one and the same!


Rest 5

Rest in love. Love is the portal to transforming emotional and physical pain within. Return to an open heart, expand your heart. Breathe in the moment and witness its vast open spaciousness that allows ease, grace and a change of perspective to come forward. Allow negative thoughts to drift away and your spacious heart to reveal your inherent beauty and true home.

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Rest 4

Rest in nature. Immerse yourself in the presence of tall trees. Feel their silence and stillness. Feel their strength, life energy and inherent wisdom. Envision yourself to be one with the tree. You too are wise and strong in stillness. You too have great life energy, sharing oxygen with all living things.

Breathe in life and breathe out toxins. Breathe in sunlight, allowing shadows to lay peacefully on the ground and just be. Shadows may be from sorrow, sadness, pain and disruptions. Remember that resting in the vast space of loving awareness is where healing lies. Trust in the stillness and allow yourself to rest in the depths of silence. Feel your heart open and become more alive!

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Rest 3

Rest outdoors. Turn your attention to the space around you. Feel the vastness of the surrounding landscape and sky above. Revere the great open space that holds the sun, moon, clouds, stars and planets. Allow your mind and heart to meld and become one with the infinite space above.

Relax deeper with each out breath and allow yourself to rest in the immensity that is both around you and within you. Notice how loving awareness can be as vast as the sky. Let it hold everything from pleasure to pain, calmness to anxiety, joy to sorrow. Rest in the fullness of pure loving awareness.

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Rest 2

Rest in the spaciousness of an open mind and heart. Allow any thoughts, feelings or situations to just be and simply observe them from a place of love. Be a loving witness of all that is happening in your life. As you come to embrace loving awareness more and more, become loving awareness itself. Practice this new way of being in life to remember and trust that it is always there and will always be there. Anytime you find yourself feeling lost or stuck, stop. Take a deep breath and envision yourself stepping back. Rest in the moment with a spacious mind and witness those limiting states while mindfully holding them in loving awareness.

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