Intuition is an inner knowing based on sensory experiences. These include bodily sensations, emotions, images, smells and messages that spontaneously arise in the moment. Bodily sensations may involve tension in certain body parts, increased heart rate and even a shift in your breathing pattern. All of these are signals from your core being informing you of something that requires your attention in the moment. Over the next 6 weeks, essential tips will be covered to develop greater confidence in your own inner knowing. Trust is key as it ultimately leads you home to your authentic nature!




Healthy Response-ability 7

Healthy response-ability accentuates your authentic power! When you follow your hearts’ desires, the rewards are immense in both your inner and outer worlds. No longer doubting your capacity to succeed, you live fully and freely from a place of trust and open regard for yourself and others. Miraculously, you step mindfully onto the path of integrity and this is the pinnacle of life! With the start of a new year, commit to honouring your heart and authentic power. Release old reactive patterns and stay aligned with positive healthy responses that nourish you and the world around you!

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Healthy Response-ability 6

As 2018 comes to an end and a new year draws closer, consider what is most important to you in your life right now. This holiday period between Christmas and New Years is an excellent time to catch your breath from the season’s activities and reflect on everything in your life.  Consider long-term goals as opposed to short-term rewards. Look deeply in areas of health, work, relationships, and lifestyle.

What improvements do you desire? Are you willing to commit to any changes for your future? If so, does it involve healthier food choices, less distractions in the world and a simpler living style? Does it involve better communication with loved ones, more time with your partner and children in your life? Or maybe it involves more meaningful work and endeavours that bring you greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.  All of these are important and require your loving attention every step of the way! Healthy Response-ability is something you can bring to your life anytime you choose!


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Bring awareness to your inner stories, especially the ones that no longer serve you well. Habitual thinking patterns can cause enormous blockages in life if we do not make time to examine them in the moment. For instance, if you have always thought it is your responsibility to host a Christmas event every year due to family tradition and you now feel overwhelmed by the task, it is important that you consider different options for maintaining wellness. Perhaps you may want to collaborate with another person or the entire group and reshape the event, skip the event entirely this year, or make it smaller and more intimate event over a few different dates. There are many things we can do to continue our connections in meaningful ways and maintain mental and physical health at the same time!

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Healthy Response-ability 4

What beckons your attention this holiday season? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the continual deluge of activities coming your way? Do you include your overall wellness in all your decisions? If so, great! Congratulations on mindfully balancing yourself during this very hectic time of year. If not, make time to shift your awareness and habitual patterns of running, running, running. Bring a more mindful pace to your life, one that respects mind, body and ebb and flow of emotions. Doing this is immensely rewarding as it reduces the risk of fatigue, depression and even exhaustion in the weeks and months that follow. Mindfully choose a healthy response that supports the future you desire!

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Healthy Response-ability 3

Do you find yourself confused at times, not knowing what to do next? This is a common experience for all humans. Understanding the big picture is an essential part of healthy living. The big picture reveals the wisdom and hidden gifts in challenging situations. It takes time and focused attention to come up with a new perspective but it’s well worth it since the benefits are far reaching!

Make time for solitude and meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool for transforming yourself and your experiences in life. Meditate on what’s most important to you as you ponder “What we can I do to make my life better?” Basically, there are 2 options to consider:

  1. Do nothing and continue living your life in the same way, accepting and dealing with the consequences as they arise.
  2. Take a chance and seek a new way of living. Let go of any risk aversion you may hold and be willing to step out of your usual patterns of thinking and behaving. Open yourself to a new lens of perception!
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Healthy Response-ability 2

Daily life can be very busy and sometimes even hectic. Therefore, it’s important to make time for tea every day! Take a break and simply sit by yourself with a delicious cup of your favorite flavoured tea. Enjoy the aroma and feel the warmth of the tea penetrating your fingers and body. Let go of any thoughts circulating through your mind. Release the need to plan or problem solve. Be fully present in experiencing the beauty of the moment. As you do this, allow a sense of spaciousness to grow in your mind to become as vast as the great open sky! Revere in this precious state of calmness you have just created for yourself!

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Healthy Response-ability

Mindfulness is key to transforming experiences in a positive way. Shift from old reactive patterns to genuine responses in the moment. For instance, if anger is triggered within due to a comment made by another, allow yourself to freely express and release the emotion in a healthy way. You might choose to stop in the moment and focus your attention on your breath, acknowledge bodily sensations and then gradually release any  tension you may feel with each out breath. Another option is to allow yourself the opportunity to share your truth and say something like “I feel ________ by your comment. Would you be willing to understand why this emotion erupted within me?” If the other person is not open, then it may be best to remove yourself and honour your emotion in a safe place that respects all. If the other person is open and willing, that is ideal as it supports relationship growth and transformation in the moment. Either way, breathing out bodily tension or expressing your truth to others is a healthy response to living life fully!

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Freedom 7

We are always free to dream! Dream big! Dream without limitations. Dream your wishes and desires come true! Dream what is perceived as impossible by others and watch the seeds of your dreams ignite surprises and great wonder in your life. Dreaming is the portal to one’s true potential!

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Freedom 6

Focusing on the freedom to live fully means to be alive in your own mind and heart. Know your passions and gifts, your song in life and share them with the world. Inner freedom expressed in the outer world is indeed a worthy endeavour that requires great courage. Freedom experienced in both realms is a precious treasure, vital for realizing a full and satisfying life!

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