Be One with Mystery! VII

In solitude, ponder whether you spend too much time taking action in daily life without spending enough time in quiet observation and silent reflection. Ask self “Do I carry power of sun with more dominant masculine energies or power of moon with more feminine relaxing and loving energies?” “Am I Miss with surname Tery (Miss Tery) or Mister with surname Eeee?” “Do I simply live in ebb and flow of mysteries in life or do I strive everyday working hard to reach certain goals?” “Am I a person who continuously fills busy-ness of life with constant running, going, and doing or am I a simple peaceful being who lives fully in present moment, mindfully creating more awareness and balanced wellness every step of the way?”

In order to live the simply good life and Be One with Mystery, equilibrium and equality in life is essential to sustain balanced wellness with mind, body, heart and spirit. Carry both masculine and feminine energies as much as possible. Both are necessary in order to ‘Be’ Master of Mysteries and one with it’s vibrations in life journey. Here, new insights, wisdom and higher level of experiences with more joy and enhanced liveliness exists well beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Be One with Mystery! VI

Pause! P.A.U.S.E.!!! Shift from experiencing Perceptions, Assumptions and Understandings to Satisfy Ego thinking mind to a whole new level of living with open heart and unconditional love: Possibilities, Acceptance, Unfoldings and Spaciousness in Elegance of your own true nature!

To actually ‘Be’, Be one with mystery and all mysteries in life’s unfoldings, accept all that arises as meaningful gifts that will elevate quality of life in wondrous ways, leading you onto path of ecstasy, bliss, joy, peace, and delight. Serendipities in spontaneous happenings always happens within and without anytime the present of living in fully presence open awareness occurs.

For example, as this series “Be One with Mystery!” was published to world, delightful gifts arose in a timely fashion. One message from founder of, expressed congratulations and appreciation for contributing to our country and their list of Top 30 Canadian Mindfulness Blogs. In addition, another surprising gift arose as this website is listed as #7 in their top 30 which brought another level of wondrous synchronicity through wisdom of numerology.

“Number 7 signifies trust and openness, opening up to a point of faith in self and others.” As Dan Millman states in ‘The life you were born to live’: “Number 7 reveals incisive minds that can read between the lines … enjoy the outdoor world of earth, sea, flowers, wind, and sky … trust the wisdom and love inside oneself – trust Spirit working within enough to come out of “hiding’ and reveal self openly.” This magical unfolding 100% resonates and reverberates with essential lessons in this series of blogs ‘Be One with Mystery!’

Open your mind and expand consciousness as you journey forth in life. Check out Top 30 Canadian Mindfulness Blogs  to discover some valuable seeds to plant in your path with mystery of unknowns in life. We are all blessed to be here and share open hearts with unconditional love and acceptance for self and others. Enhanced quality of life awaits as spontaneous new realities magically arise!

Be One with Mystery! V

Take a walk and sink more and more into your pure ‘BEING’ every step of the way. Follow your cycles of breath. With every in-breath, lift heel of one foot and then step firmly onto ground, maintaining balance. With every out-breath, lift your other foot up and shift your weight over to step firmly onto other side. Mindful balance is essential in calming the active mind and becoming one with your natural breath of life.

When ready, spend some time in nature and accelerate your pace to elevate heart and circulation. Walk briskly or jog mindfully, without taking notice of what arises in your environment but only what arises in your mind. This is where the miracles of synchronicity and serendipity comes forth. As messages arise from depths of heart and soul, you are no longer entangled with externals. Precious timely insights can reveal valuable new ideas and creation from mysteries unknown. This helps you move forward with increased excitement and delight over what is going to unfold in the natural flow of life!

Be One with Mystery! IV

Love self as if you are forever forgiving yourself for all the perils you endured in your journey through life. Choose wisely every step of the way. Maintain an open mind to make mindful choices on path of experiencing more joy, peace and liberation in life. Devote all your energy to your wise inner sage who instinctively knows what is best in every moment!

Be ONE with Mystery! III

Maintain balanced wellness with mind/body/heart every step of the way. Equilibrium is the ultimate experience in the human journey. This is where peace prevails despite ups and downs, hurdles and challenges where sadness, grief, despair, fears and panic resides. Know that deep within self, joy and sorrow co-exist and are natural friends with one another as each carries mutual respect!

Be ONE with Mystery! II

Follow mystery, one baby step at a time! Whenever you find yourself feeling restless, tired, anxious or bored, troubled or confused, unsure of what to do next, just slow down and ground self once again. Breathe deeply and observing what arises in your senses in every passing moment.

For instance, if you receive frightening energies that bring you to a state of fear and panic, settle self to live fully in moment and observe with neutrality what is really happening in your environment at that moment. If you strongly feel the urge to leave right away, then do so. If you notice the environment is quiet with no toxic energies, just stay still and allow self to calm more and more. If you feel inclined to connect with a trusted source, then do so and if valuable information arises from conversation, then follow your instincts once again in every passing moment. Decide what is best to do when time is right. Gift yourself with presence of open heart and open mind!

Be ONE with Mystery!

If you find yourself regularly falling into wonder with fear of unknowns, confusion, doubt and anxiety, let go, Let GO, LET GO! Let go of disturbances within, resentment, anger, sadness and instead of worrying through thinking or trying to understand and figure things out with rational mind, just live fully in moments unfolding with pure open awareness. Ground self by breathing deeply into abdomen and calm mind/body with peaceful acceptance and open heart. Simply witness sensory inclinations and gut instincts in every passing moment.

When you rest in mysteries unfolding and be ‘one’ with mystery, take action when you feel the time is right. Follow your inner inclinations from deep within as they arise and guide you to move forward with grace and dignity. This is where your true nature arises with a new and higher level of ‘beingness’, free from old thinking patterns and habits that do not honour core desires!

Leap Into Space VIII

Space is a place of wholeness, purity within and essence of your true nature. As you breathe calmly with space, aligning your energy with the stars and universe, you will discover there is only one verse present. The uni-verse! In this moment, hum your vibration from depths of heart and witness the magical resonance that instantaneously connects with all. Here is the most wondrous gift of leaping into space while living fully in moment!

Leap Into Space VII

The great paradox of life is to allow your physical being and spiritual nature to go somewhere that is virtually no where. Somewhere and no where is what we see in open skies, day and night, which aligns all humans awakening in moment. Here there are no changes and also eternal changes as air and planets and stars all co-exist as one great mystery. Be your own magical mystery as you commit to living a higher quality of life and re-birthing your own true nature in each and every moment!

Leap into Space VI

As you journey forth in life with open awareness of your purity within and what happens in every passing moment, know that you will never be passively stirred up by impulses and external situations. You will simply listen with your true nature being fully present with harmony in heart/mind/body and follow where you are called in moment! This is where you natural aliveness will arise, leading you on your journey of dedication aligned with the preciousness of purity within you!