Trust Wisdom of Spirit! V

Gift self miracle of growth and evolving pureness within by regularly taking breaks!

  1. Step on your brake! Stop what you are doing from ego thinking.
  2. Break away from old habits of doing and patterns of thinking.
  3. Breathe deeply from abdomen, letting go all thoughts and float into spacious awareness.
  4. Broaden your horizon and dimension of being by adopting a new ritual that will improve quality of life for you in the long run.

Here, negativity with worry and doubt will dissolve while your own natural aliveness comes forth in moment, bringing the beauty of your true nature and essence of ‘beingness’ to world!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! IV

With open mind being vast like sky, hold clarity of intentions to carry focused attention on what is most important for body and heart. Follow ebb and flow of life with present moment awareness in all your actions. Imagine consciousness being elevated and mirroring the beauty and natural aliveness in nature. Similar vibrations yield a new level of trust within that something better is about to come!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! III

Flow with life as you live in ease with grace and dignity! Maintain an open mind like the vast blue sky with endless possibilities. Let go of thinking and patterns that bring physical pains and suffering. Connect with your true nature, a whole new level of being as you live simply and freely in every passing moment! The wisdom of spirit within is your wise inner sage that synchronistically guides you with every loving breath you take!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit! II

Follow your senses within. Your energy and feelings in every moment connect with your true nature. There is no need to strengthen or protect self from others who may doubt your purity. Those who question or carry fear and judgement may not see or feel as you do. We each have our own true nature and we are all meant to be sensitive and feel as natural as a beautiful spirited young toddler. Honour this gift within as the best way of living your life now!

Trust Wisdom of Spirit!

BE your true nature and come to place of what you know and also what you don’t know. Trust you know what you have never known before as intuition brings light of wisdom from within. On this path of evolution, you will adventure forth honouring all your feelings and senses. You won’t resist or try to protect self from emotions but just be open and truthful with all you feel. Here life simply flows, naturally and effortlessly. In these moments, you will mirror moon phases from new to full, waxing to waning and everything in between!

BE the Spirit of Life! VII

Envision yourself naturally thriving while standing at the peak of a mountaintop where your aliveness mirrors pinnacle of success! As the seasons change and weather shifts, allow your emotions to cycle through just as natural as seasons come and go. Clouds may bring worry while storms may emit lightning strikes that evoke instantaneous flashes of light wisdom from deep within! Rain may shower tears of sadness or joyful laughter for deep healing within! The sun may rise and then reflect your core power for enhancing quality of life for self and all other life on earth. This pinnacle of success will be the highlight of your journey forth as you endure the entire year in flow with your spirit of life!

BE the Spirit of Life! VI

Genuine love is the greatest gift every human can honour self with in life journey. When fully aligned with spirit of life, mind and body are cared for at the highest level with positive spirit energies carrying ‘thrive-liness’ in one’s own natural aliveness!

Gift self honour of thriving with sheer delight! Allow and sense positive life energies vibrating within, in every passing moment, as mental chatter fades, old habits dissolve and physical discomforts are alleviated. Here, the height of all your experiences are your new reality just like reaching a pinnacle on a mountaintop, you too will be the pinnacle of all your life experiences!

BE the Spirit of Life! V

Commit to what you truly love. Your passions deep within reverberate like the sound of an echo which naturally uplifts, regenerates and ignites new aspects of self in every moment unfolding. This may be your natural talents and spirited inclinations that spontaneously arise. Here, miracles are a part of daily life just as you too, are a miracle as well!

BE the Spirit of Life! III

Feel an eternal unbounded aspect of your true nature, awakened deeply with consciousness of love. Feel yourself born again in a whole new realm, no longer feeling separateness at all. Here you may immerse self with water, sky, air and breathe this amazing body of life you live in!

BE the Spirit of Life! II

Just as nature creates peace in the world, you too can also create peace in our world. Live with conscious awareness, carrying compassion and kindness in every passing moment. Accept yourself fully as this will soften the barriers between self and others. Then when your full spirited vitality brings the joy of aliveness to earth and all you do in your life, you will have a fluid, unified experience of body, mind and spirit, in unison with all lively beings on earth.