‘BE” Totally Free! III

Take another deep breath and open mind to be like the vast open sky. Observe the flow of emotions within and body sensations. Anytime you feel anxious, sad, lonely or afraid, journal your experience in the moment to expand your awareness. Anytime you feel fatigued, stressed or distracted by externals, journal those experiences as well. Increasing awareness with an open heart is the threshold for evolution of true nature.

‘BE’ Totally Free! II

Breathe deeply and relax your mind to be like the vast open sky. Observe negative energies within such as inner critic and doubtful side of self who blocks the emergence of your true nature. Anytime you feel a spontaneous inclination to do something proactive and old thought patterns with low self worth, judgement and fears arise, journal the experience and allow it to just be. Stay present with an open heart and increased awareness in the moment. Remember there is always so much more to you than you know!

‘BE’ Totally Free

Letting go of the past is crucial for coming home to your true nature. To be totally free requires action and commitment for long term allowing true self to emerge out of mystery of unknowns. In this next series of posts, insights on mental habits and thought patterns will be observed and explored to expand understandings and reach place of transformation. The first thing needed is to let go of identity of conditioned self that brought limiting beliefs. The early years were created by energies and teachings of parents and caregivers. It is now time to allow self to be totally free and rebirth your true nature!

Feeling More at Ease VIII

Deepen your awareness! Focus on your ability to maintain concentration on healthiest choices with diet and exercise regimes while being naturally energetic. Dietary choices and exercise habits profoundly effect overall wellness in mind, body and heart. Commit to long term with small steps that are short and easy such as simple regular walks and adding more greens in diet. These are both crucial as they will help you to feel more at ease in many precious moments in life!

Feeling More at Ease VII

Everyday, thrive by just ‘BEING’ alive! BEING alive means you are living with full awareness in each and every moment the depths of heart and body needs. As you align to your natural rhythm and beats of heart, you will ensure you get enough rest when needed, adequate amount of exercise everyday, healthier food choices and more loving relationships and connections with others. Play the instrument of life within and just BE, feeling more at ease each and every day!

Feeling More at Ease VI

Self respect from a place of deep love within for mind, body and heart is like a hormonal bath where kindness, compassion, joy and bliss naturally arise to become your new reality, every day and in every way! This comes from being mindful about all your actions for balanced overall wellness and ability to immensely forgive others inadequacies. “Being” the energy of love makes greater ease possible along with sheer delight and feelings of ecstasy deep within. As a result, you feel that everything in your surroundings has a deep sense of connection to your spirit including the gentle breeze touching your skin, vast sky overhead, soft soil under your feet, and flowing waters before you. Envision your spirit as the heart of a glowing flame and say out loud to yourself “I am LOVE!”. You could then extend this to your environment saying “I love the gorgeous blue sky!” “I love the wind!” “I love my passions!””I love my spiritual being and wholeness with all!”

Feeling More at Ease V

Envision your entire life as a symphony, the great music of your existence! Your journey so far reflects your way of being as you play your instrument best as possible in each and every moment. Moving forward, let go of any ‘shoulds’ and tasks to continue mindfully playing your music in such a way that will enhance overall wellness and greatly ease mind and heart abilities! Enjoy the music of your life and make every moment, everyday one that you can very naturally sing and dance along with!

Feeling More at Ease IV

Be good to yourself. Make a deep commitment to leading a mindful life where you will regularly create everything your body/mind needs to maintain a natural sense of vitality within. This is the life force of your existence, also known as chi in Chinese philosophy and prana in India.

Eat well, commit to a variety of exercises you enjoy, and make sure you get enough sleep and downtime throughout each day. This is vital in order to shift from regularly experiencing moments of fatigue, frustration and impatience. Harnessing the “right” effort with “right” concentration ensures mindful liveliness and rebirth of your true beauty which was fully present in early years!

Feeling More at Ease III

Concentrate more on what feels right deep within. If you have been obsessed with seeking ways to fix things to quell physical discomforts, shift in the moment to simply relax. Identify your emotions and allow them to drift by like weather that continuously changes. What is here in the moment shall pass by. Bring unconditional love and acceptance to the moment. Know that peace and greater ease is always available to you any time you are ready to receive it.

The body rides through ever-changing emotions, similar to going in and out of withdrawal from sugars, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Emotions are erupted by all these and more. If you are constantly stimulating your adrenaline and nervous system, it is now time to start a more easier path in life. Breaking free from outer stimulus allows you to feel more at ease and is surely one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

Feeling More at Ease II

Maintain a peaceful body. Practice mindfulness in the moment to settle any discomforts you may have. Breathe deep and release mental chatter and tension within, then return to state of calmness and equanimity. Having a peaceful body greatly assists us in being able to focus and concentrate fully on what is happening in the moment and then mindfully decide what to do next.

Our body is like an antenna to soul and life energy. It is the portal to much more ease in life. Remember that life is not a marathon race that requires you to push self for reaching certain destinations. It is all about the journey.

Journey forth with a peaceful body every moment of the way! Feeling more at ease will be your new reality everyday!