Integrity VII

Wonder is a skill rooted in spirit. Speak from a level of wonder with great curiosity! Listen appreciatively to another person. The potential to shift relationship dynamics in positive ways is absolutely powerful when you do this.  Maintain an open mind and be ready to witness the magic of wonder unfolding before you!

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Integrity VI

Another skill for elevating integrity is to practice listening in ways that promote deeper understanding. Curiosity combined with respect for others strengthens connections in powerful ways. Set intentions to explore with tenderness and open-ended questions that support win-win outcomes.

For instance, using the same example from two weeks ago, if you had to suddenly cancel a social event you previously committed to, the follow up conversation might include questions such as “What specifically about this cancellation leaves you feeling sad?” or “How can I help to ease your disappointment?” Saying either of these will help bridge the divide and build stronger ties into the future.



Integrity V

Last week’s post emphasized the importance of communication skills for enhancing integrity. Speaking honestly and openly is vital over blaming and coercion. Standing up for oneself and communicating the truth, free of others needs and demands, is essential to on-going wellness.

Authentic speech is a skill that can be developed and practiced throughout one’s life. The key is to check in with body sensations and make sure your choice of words aligns with bodily needs. For instance, if you feel physical tension in your body or butterflies in your stomach, stand firm with your intentions and choose words that support wellness. You might choose to say something like “I really can’t commit to this anymore since my stress levels are quite high right now. I need to withdraw for a few months until I’m feeling stronger and more balanced.”  Prioritizing personal wellness supports win-win outcomes as others will get a healthier and happier you!


Integrity IV

Integrity is revealed through our choice of words. Speak in a way that contributes to greater understanding between you and others. Practice expressing yourself openly and honestly, sharing exactly what is happening for you in the moment. Do it in such a way that evokes wonder and maintains a sense of connection as opposed to disconnection and blame.

For instance, if you had committed to hosting a social event and discover on the morning it is scheduled to happen that you can no longer commit due to unforeseen circumstances, you might choose to say something like “I’m really sorry that I need to postpone this event due to unexpected circumstances that arose this morning. I will explain the details to you the next time we talk and for now, I hope you understand and will be able to attend this event once I reschedule it.” Another way of communicating if you are no longer able to host the event at all, you might say “Something has come up this morning that I can no longer commit to this event. I apologize for this and hope you understand. I will explain the details to you later tonight.”

Mindfully strengthen your level of communication skills each time a situation involving personal integrity arises. The benefits are enormous as your relationship with others will strengthen alongside communication skills! By modelling integrity, others will learn firsthand through your wise choice of words and moral acts.



Integrity III

Integrity is imperative not only for mind fitness but for overall fitness as well. Integrity supports physical vitality, emotional balance and spiritual wellness on a deeper level. Without integrity, a lack of harmony exists within oneself and the external world.

There are four essential skills necessary for cultivating integrity. The first two essential skills were covered in the last two posts. The third essential skill involves commitment through conscious agreements with oneself and others. What this means is taking full responsibility for your words and actions in life. At the most basic level, say what you mean and mean what you say. Practice being impeccable with your speech. Anything short of that creates a divide within yourself and others. Not only are you letting yourself down when agreements are broken, but others as well.

We are all here to learn from one another. Model integrity by consciously selecting agreements that you can fully commit to. Know how to say no to agreements that you do not want to make. Access body wisdom to select agreements that support win-win outcomes.




Integrity II

Last week’s post provided not only a detailed definition of integrity, but also its significance when it comes to mind fitness. Integrity involves morality, respect and honour for self and others. Without it, there is lack of harmony leading to discord within and without. It is therefore vital that we embrace integrity and work consciously to cultivate the four essential skills.

The first essential skill was revealed last week. The second essential skill involves responsibility. Ask yourself if you blame others or become defensive when conflict and changes arise? Do you protect yourself at all costs, ignoring the impact on others? If so, shift from old habits of reacting to new mindful responses that benefit all, yourself included! Adopt an attitude of curiosity and wonder accentuated with loving-kindness and compassion. Be a model of inspiration, taking 100% responsibility for your part in the process. When you elevate your integrity, integrity elevates you and all your experiences in life!




Integrity is a vital part of mind fitness. Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. The root meaning is wholeness, inferring the state of being undivided. Synonyms for individual integrity include honesty, fairness, sincerity and trustworthiness. Synonyms for relationship and group integrity include unity, coherence and togetherness. In contrast when integrity is absent, there is dishonesty and division. When we are not truthful with ourselves and others, there is inevitably discord that inhibits harmony within and with external relationships as well.

Cultivate integrity by practicing 4 essential skills. The first skill involves emotional literacy. Do you honour and respect your emotions? Are you able to express, process and release them in healthy ways? If not, embrace the wisdom of this and the next 3 upcoming posts.

If you are currently feeling stressed, worried or anxious ridden, it is time to step back from ‘doing’ and simple be. Be fully present with yourself in the moment and create space in your mind for clarity and insights to arise. Disengage from mind chatter and rest in the spaciousness of an open, vast, limitless mind beyond the intellectual mind. Observe bodily sensations and any pain or tension within. Your body is the portal to your inner knowing and true essence.  Set the intention to heal and release any pain or tension, then wait quietly for an answer. This answer does not come from the rational logical problem solving mind but from the spontaneous wise mind that yields those incredible ‘Aha!’ moments. Heed this inner knowing. Bring integrity to light and it will brighten your path towards wholeness and authentic living.


Mind Fitness X

Focus on your successes. If you have a history of self-recrimination, holding shame, guilt and disrespect for yourself, it is now time to shift gears. Instead of cycling negative energies within, bring more positive energy to your day. Start by reflecting on your success in life and what you are good at. Write them down and add to this list daily. Post these success where you can see them as a reminder of your inherent goodness. This empowering shift will not only increase your life energy but will also attract more goodness to your life. The moment you start honouring yourself is the moment you begin living in alignment with your authentic nature!

Mind Fitness IX

Bring awareness to the words you regularly use. Your words are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, what you speak, think, and believe becomes your reality. For instance, if you find yourself often saying: “I’m afraid to …” or “I was afraid of that.”, you are maintaining negative energy and increasing the likelihood of disappointment.

The laws of attraction affirm this with like attracting like. It happens on a very subtle level. Be aware of any negative dialogue you hold. Nip it in the bud. Elevate your experiences in life by focusing on words with positive energy such as “I trust … ” I believe I can do this.” and “I am capable of …”.  Know that peace and happiness are choices that are always available to you, any moment you choose. Shift the energy of your words and quite miraculously, you will also experience a shift in your life and naturally bring more positive experiences and light!

Mind Fitness VIII

Raise your expectations! Expect your life to not only be easy but also fun and enjoyable. Ask yourself what you can do today to make that a reality. Perhaps it is giving yourself a break from endless tasks and allowing yourself to simply be in the moment. Whether you choose to simply focus on your breath with appreciation, spend time in a garden or near a body of water, make sure it adds an element of positive energy to your day. Then commit to doing it again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. Before you know it, the quality of your life will actually feel enhanced … and this is simply due to the fact that you made fun and enjoyment a priority in your life! Mindfully choose the quality of life you would like to experience and take action in the moment!