Dissolving Barriers V

Avoid negative influences and whatever dulls or deflates you. Mindfully stop exposing yourself to people and sources that trigger challenges within. It is normal and common for all humans to become susceptible to controlling forces, criticism or judgement. Hearing or seeing stories saturated with comparisons revealing all that is good /bad, right/wrong, wise/foolish can certainly draining. Focus on reducing time with media and choose wisely. Listen less to news, review less advertisements and anything that does not uplift you plus give you a sense of freedom and peace within!

Dissolving Barriers IV

Be aware of when the vortex of negative thoughts starts to circulate in your mind. Hold mindfulness in the moment and step into positive actions. You could shift your thinking by being grateful for all you currently have in life or recite positive mantras that free you from negativity such as “I am love” “I am peace” “I am kind”. Other options are singing a song, reciting a beautiful poem or verse, or even going out for a walk in nature and soaking in nourishing energies of environment you chose. By doing this, you will send a healing message to your nervous system and therefore reduce biochemical unbalances in body, elevating courage to move forward with greater confidence and faith!

Dissolving Barriers III

External stimulus can sometimes contributes to energetic flow of negative thinking. Chronic interpretations of the world may reflect an inner sense of helplessness and despair. Observe when repetitive negative thinking about the world such as “The world is a mess.”, “I can never get anywhere.”, “He/she is no good.” These may have been learned in families where constant complaining and blaming churned through daily living together. Dissolve these barriers by mindfully choosing more positive stimuli from outer world such as adventures in nature or tuning into beautiful uplifting or soothing music that frees you from dark clouds of negative thoughts.

Dissolving Barriers II

Once you have uncovered core fears derived from negative thoughts, open your mind to mysteries of life journey. Expand your awareness from limitations to realm of potential and infinite possibilities. Imagine thoughts evaporating like a cloud, becoming invisible and harmless. Imagine them transformed into a cosmic beam of light with magical gifts awaiting your arrival. It is never too late to begin something new. It is never too late to end things that cause pain and suffering. Allow yourself to be happy and free from past and negative thoughts!

Dissolving Barriers

Negative thinking inhibits the natural flow of life. All thoughts come from the rational, logical mind, derived from ego. Anytime you notice negative thoughts rising within, ask yourself “What am I afraid of?” “What am I resisting?” “What is the worst thing that could happen?” Repeat these questions until you access the core of fear surfacing. This is crucial for freeing self from being stuck in life.

Real Freedom VIII

Any time you feel yourself ‘falling’, get back up and keep on trying! This is crucial in order to ensure deepest desires become your new reality. Be aware of any negative thoughts that bring resistance and face the inner saboteur with courage and confidence. See the inner saboteur as a fearful child within who was severely conditioned early in life. Dance with them in a playful way continuing path forward. For every step forward, there may be two steps back at times and know that this is tolerable at your stage in life. Remain committed with due diligence and once you reached your new way of living, relax into the pleasure of it all and celebrate your magical achievements!

Real Freedom VII

Hold positive energy as you move forward, releasing the past and making freedom your new reality. Mindfully close the door on any negativity that arises, including doubt and confusion from rational thinking mind. It is essential that you carry the light energy of your free spirit. For instance, if you wonder whether you should connect with a troubled person, let go of thinking and just live fully in the moment, following your inner knowing. If you don’t feel a strong urge in the moment, let it go. With every change in life, one door closes as another opens. Walk over the threshold of the new door and make sure the door that led to suffering and pain is now closed.

Real Freedom VI

Keep moving forward! Repetition is key especially if anxiety, worry and fear arises. Repetition is often seen as the ‘mother of learning’ as the brain and nervous system is reconditioned through taking baby steps or leaps forward. The more times you face irrational fears developed from over analysis, the more comfortable you’ll become with moving forward. Leap over fear and eventually you will come to realize that it was not fear of the potential situation but fear of fear itself! One good source for helping you move forward is enlisting a trusted friend, confidant, or professional who has the confidence, diligence and clarity for success! Real freedom awaits!

Real Freedom V

Once you have gained clarity on exactly what you need to do, make time to express it verbally with another. The benefit of doing this is that it puts the energy of your intentions out to the universe thereby enhancing likelihood of success! Then make plans by listing all that needs to be done in order to ensure this becomes your new reality. Schedule all the details on your calendar, For instance, if improving eating habits is needed most, you could chart a balanced diet with ample fresh produce and limited starches and sugars. Create a weekly menu plan with 3 – 4 meals per day and a shopping list where basics are always available. Chart specific mealtimes and journaling time to process body responses and level of emotional wellbeing throughout. By working out all the details, a higher level of freedom is sure to arrive!

Real Freedom IV

Think big! Imagine yourself with an antenna put out in all directions. Keep opening self to new possibilities by exploring unusual places you’ve never journeyed into before. You might choose to talk to people, research different sources or go into creative instincts within. Each idea can be a stepping stone leading to evolution of miracles unfolding. While walking this new and invigorating path of greater freedom, always remember to minimize exposure to negative energies as they will inhibit the expansion of potential possibilities!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com