Oneness V

Every relationship has unique life energy comprised of those involved. The dynamic is ever changing, evolving with the flow of life. In order to experience greater oneness, mindfully choose to spend time with those you feel a natural flow and mutuality with. Magnetism is a natural force that cannot be created. Be courageous and true to yourself in every relationship. Lean towards those who feel reliable, responsive and attracted to knowing you and supporting your best self. Remember you need to be reliable and responsive to those you would like to spend time with as well!

Oneness IV

Soften the barriers around your heart by allowing painful emotions to be felt in the moment. Attune with your natural self which is pure and filled with ample love and compassion. When you befriend protective walls, you are more likely to envision your heart shifting, free of obstructions, tension and scars. Hold your hand up to your heart and visualize streams of light flowing between your hand and heart, you and loved ones and all life on this planet. Let the music of your soul uplift you to oneness!

Oneness III

Find wisdom through softening of the heart. Wisdom is derived from an inner knowing beyond rational thought processes. Attune mind, body and heart in the moment with  positive loving vibrations when discomfort arises. Bring awareness to scars in the heart that may reveal themselves. If you observe yourself shutting down or running away, getting defensive or anxious, or blocking feelings in the moment, allow and observe these experiences and shift to a more wise and loving response in the moment. Befriend all parts of self and you will experience greater flow and ease in your body as well as with others.

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Oneness II

Know yourself through relationships. See others as a mirror that constantly reflects and affects your being. If pain and fear arises, they may be signals of past traumas that require your attention in order to heal and grow. Bring loving kindness to the moment with mutual respect for self and others. Know that when you heal yourself, you can heal others and thereby elevate soul connections in our world!

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Open your mind as large as the sky. Expand your thoughts. You can improve your relationship with yourself and others by expanding the concept of connection you hold. Start to view every human (yourself included), every relationship and all connections as part of the great web of life. No person is better than another. We are all equal because we all move through time and space together, share one breath, one water and all of life around us. We mirror one another in surprising ways and are therefore always connected!

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Harmony VII

Harmony prevails when we feel we are in heaven. Everything is going well and nothing needs to be added or improved upon. Think of heaven as a state of mind. Instead of perceiving it as an ideal place, free of turmoil and filled with an abundance of peace and bliss, imagine heaven on earth as a reality.

You can experience heaven anytime you choose. By mindfully accepting dualities in a neutral way, you come to appreciate that failures and losses are just as much a part of success as action and diligence. Those who always succeed are not necessarily happy. The pleasure of success ultimately comes when we are in harmony with the flow of life!

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Harmony VI

Explore your creative mind! Your creative mind is the thoughts that arise when you sink into a vast open mind, letting go of the thinking mind and allowing magically wondrous ideas and insights to emerge. This is where wisdom, moments of transformation and healing can occur. Your creative mind is the catalyst for positive change, igniting greater harmony in life!

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Harmony V

Make life easier for yourself by taking full responsibility for all your experiences. Don’t be surprised when you get tense or irritable after working too much or misplacing items you regularly use. Become your own best friend and focus on better organization in your life with more time ensuring balanced wellness. There is nothing more soothing than making the best choice for yourself in the moment. Harmony thrives in those moments!

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Harmony IV

Make joy, beauty and depth a part of daily life. Clear out any chaos you may have by letting go old habits and accumulations that make you feel uneasy, upset or stressed. Integrate your inner and outer realities by seeking the simple life. Focus on cultivating a true connection with others, a real sense of belonging and service in our world. When you have less to take care of or worry about, life becomes more and more harmonious with each passing day!

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Harmony III

Harmony awaits your arrival! Become a neutral observer of yourself. Develop the skill of relaxing into awareness throughout each day. Witness what is actually happening in your inner realm. If you notice heightened emotions from your reaction to the environment, ask yourself “What is this really about?” Bring curiosity to the situation and be your own best friend. This silent observer deep within can be your catalyst for positive change and surprising growth!

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