Peace & Contentment 4

It is our nature to be neutral and non-judging. Observe the nature of toddlers to witness the pure curiosity that is within them. Toddlers do not judge, compare, or even try to define what is before them. They experience the wholeness of the moment in the most authentic way. Embrace a beginners mind, like that of a toddler. This is where transformation takes place and peace and contentment become your reality!

Peace and Contentment 3

Mindfully focus your attention on goodness and beauty. Focus not just on the larger, more common things in life such as beautiful sunsets and glistening water but also on the smaller, often overlooked things such as morning dew drops atop a leaf, the patterns of petals on a flower or scent of pine needles during a forest walk. It is the exquisite beauty offered by Mother Nature that gives us the power to transform emotions quickly to a place of calmness. Here, there is no room for anger or frustration, only contentment in the moment! Make this a regular habit and before you know it, peace and contentment will be a normal part of your daily life.


Peace & Contentment 2

Peace is not dependant on external conditions. Release any need to control external situations or people. The only thing we can truly control in our life is ourselves. Trying to control others or situations is incongruent with peace, often leading to struggle and pain.

Life is filled with choices. We always have a choice in how we want to respond. Choose peace and peace becomes you, your way of living and being. Hence “I am peace.” “Peace resides within me.” This will be your reality!


Peace & Contentment

Peace is something you create for yourself. Peace is not solely dependant on external conditions rather it is a state of being within oneself. Regardless of what is happening in the outer world, you can experience peace within.

Peace begins with alignment of all aspects of self. This includes your knowledge, skills, perception, intuition, creativity, experiences and emotions in life. Bring all these in alignment with your hearts desires and allow the beat of your heart to guide you each step of the way. Peace awaits, revealing the path to true contentment!

Personal Power 7

Personal power involves creativity. When you are able to express what is deep inside of you, magic happens! What touches your heart and soul ignites your personal power at its highest level. Whether it comes through spontaneous insights, art, or work, your creativity within holds all the rich gifts of authentic power.

Creativity is a process. No one knows the exact outcome. One idea leads to another, and another and another, until you surprisingly find yourself in a totally unexpected place … bewildered by your creation, growth and transformation in the moment.

Release any fears or limiting thoughts within. After all they are only thoughts and you are much more than your thoughts. The magnitude of who you are is that flame within, waiting your open attention and tender loving capacity to nurture the very best in you!

Personal Power 6

Dark emotions inhibit personal power. Anger, hurt, sadness and fear limit living life to its fullest and thereby accessing your true potential. When dark emotions prevail, it is necessary to practice forgiveness in order to maintain a sense of freedom to become all you were meant to be. 

Forgiveness does not come naturally but is a learned skill that requires on-going practice and an open heart. Transform dark emotions into light with focus on compassion and kindness. Open yourself to unconditional love and a future filled with hope. Release the past and embrace the miraculous treasures in the present moment. There are untold gifts awaiting your presence.


Personal Power 5

Your power comes from a combination of personal experiences, knowledge, skills, emotions, insights, intellect and creativity. When these are fully integrated, authentic power naturally surfaces. This source of energy is constant and stable. Authentic power is always available when you bring mindful awareness to your daily actions!

Personal Power 4

Personal power fluctuates in daily life. Your emotions, energy levels, thoughts and beliefs all influence personal power. To experience a more stable level of power, you must connect with your authentic nature. This is the core of who you are. Authentic power arises naturally when you do not attach to other people’s’ words, especially those that are critical and condescending. Authentic power comes through the heart, where kindness and compassion reside.

What are words anyways? Words are simply letters of the alphabet placed in a sequence to convey something. What happens if those letters were subject to the wind or gravity and became jumbled? How would you receive them then? For instance, if the letters ‘a’ and ‘c’ switched places in the word ‘scared’ how would you be impacted by this? Authentic power is a natural healthy energy within every human being. We were born with it. Observe newborn babies and small children’s’ authentic power. It is pure and shines through, affirming one’s natural strengths and gifts.

Personal Power 3

Simplicity of the uncluttered mind supports inner knowing. You inherently know what is right or wrong. Let go of rational thinking based on cause and effect and focus instead on being fully present in the moment. Sense what is here right now without making up stories, judging or complex analysis. Complexity clouds personal power just as a dark cloud blocks the sun’s rays. The sun mirrors our capacity to be naturally warm and bright in the world.

Personal Power 2

Personal power lies in the spacious open mind. Silence within is much more than a passive experience. Silence provides the necessary tranquility for seeds of creation to emerge. Creation involves not just transforming limiting thought patterns but also embracing potential. Your best and most powerful self awaits in silence. Open yourself up to the mysterious gifts within!