Living Heartfully!

When the battle ends, when you stop fighting against your experiences and accept the natural changes and losses that life inevitably brings, you no longer suffer and have come home to the heart of happiness. Six vital steps are necessary for sustaining this new state of reality which will be covered in the next series of upcoming posts on Living Heartfully! To begin with, embrace unconditional love for self and others, with mutual respect. This is essential for setting self successfully on path to living with passion and soaring through life with ultimate freedom!

Be Your Best VI

Give yourself the gift of rewards! Imagine your inner child, the playful, joyful pure spirit within that delights in receiving gifts that surprise you in amazing ways! Bring this experience to the moment and observe how you truly feel! Whenever generosity, kindness, compassion and unconditional love comes forth, a deep sense of peace and gratitude within will surely arise!

Be Your Best V

Free self from challenging moments by changing your setting to one that is more soothing, relaxing, nourishing and deeply satisfying! Shift in the moment and follow heart desires. For instance, if you are engaged in a creative process working through a project and want to ease the unfolding process, you might decide to visit your favourite place in nature and relax, then see what arises in the moment. Miracles happen when you live fully in moment with open heart and true desires!

Be Your Best IV

Make your life easier by simplifying variety of choices and always proceeding with the next easiest step. For instance, if you would like to eat better clear out unhealthy processed foods in cupboards and only buy healthy natural foods such as whole grains, legumes and fresh produce. You may want to make a pot of delicious soup or stew with favourite vegetables and little ingredients. Freeze small small or medium sized containers to make more ease in future. If you live the simply good life, you are naturally your best!

Be Your Best III

Be realistic and flexible. Start with small goals and allow lots of time so there is no risk of resistance arising from egotistical thinking mind and old habits. Set self on path of faith and be your best, trusting that the right outcome will happen at the right time in right place!

Be Your Best II

Perfection is a mental creation that requires striving for specific outcomes. Working hard towards rigid expectations can be very stressful and upsetting. Let go of ideals and perfectionistic thinking, trying to be absolutely perfect in the short term. Grant self honour in doing something fairly well over the long haul and never quit the endeavour. One step forward and two steps back may happen just as two steps forward and one backward can also happen. As long as you commit to moving forward, slipping and sliding is not a problem. Giving up is the real problem. Keep risking going forward on your path over and over again. Relax and breathe consciously in challenging moments and be your best!

Be Your Best

Develop strategies that will become new and improved habits. Align your life on ideal path that is the best route for returning home to your naturally healthy and energetic self. For example, if you feel a need to improve body wellness, commit to altering your diet. Experiment by testing which foods create discomfort in your body and eliminate all that lowers your life energy. Another option is to reduce and even eliminate unhealthy additives such as sugars and chemicals in processed foods and restaurant foods. Expand your awareness every step of the way and be your best, by making better choices for enhancing overall wellness!

‘BE’ Totally Free! VII

Observe where you were in life when you adopted false core beliefs. Ask self what you did not understand or know at that time. Were there any other beliefs created through this? See these as just thoughts and concepts that carry an energy that is easy to let go of. See old conditioned self and thoughts float away. Notice how your thoughts and empty space of mind are similar. Notice how you feel in your body and then finally ask self what you really want for remainder of your life. BE Totally Free!!!

‘BE’ Totally Free! VI

Stop false core beliefs in mind to fully expand awareness of how much they impact your life. Letting go of their power over you is vital for emergence of your true nature and feeling totally free in life. Some important questions to ponder are “Where did these ideas come from?” “What part of your body is impacted by this?” “Who did these ideas come from?” There are always consequences from beliefs so make sure the beliefs you hold are healthy and true supporting your natural vitality!

Be Your Best VII

In order to literally BE your best, always remember to bring loving-kindness and mercy into your life each and every step of the way. Everything that happens is normal. Nothing is better or worse but all part of the bigger picture in life. Just like the universal energy of ONE in world and dance of cosmos, you can ease all in your life by simply observing unfolding dramas and continually gain more clarity of mind and peace in body!