Labyrinth of Success! IV

When strong winds, thunder, lightening and heavy rain starts to pour out of the sky, tap into open heart with unconditional love and acceptance for self and all life around you. Bring compassion to self in moment and say to self:

“I can get through storms of life”.

“I will go in the direction my heart desires”.

“I will maintain safety of recognition that who I am in this moment is more than who I was in last moment”.

“I know that I can stay calm and speak my truths in moments unfolding”.

“I know there are unlimited possibilities as I venture forth with happiness, love and laughter!

Labyrinth of Success! III

Calm thinking mind. Be fully present in each and every moment, simply observing what arises with every breath you take. As you float on in the direction you choose, your path of success will bring spontaneous treasures that surprisingly come forth. Stay open with open heart and open mind as you journey through the labyrinth of success, experiencing things you never expected to happen in your life journey!

For instance, something enters your environment and as you get closer, you instantaneously see and feel wisdom of the moment. It may be another sail boat with a very friendly and joyful being solely steering and riding the waves alongside you or maybe it is an orca that starts to leap up and down, inspiring you to leap onto new path of discovery. Here the light from the sky and world around you brings endless delights within!

Labyrinth of Success! II

As you move forward in life, as you imaginatively sail through life’s journey with grace and ease, stay open carrying wonder in every passing moment. Be curious and know you will not always know what is going to happen, what arises within and without. Embrace six degrees of potential as miraculous outcomes could always happen. Creativity is the portal to fantasies and fantastic unfoldings. These are the wondrous gifts in labyrinth of success which will become your new realities!

Labyrinth of Success!

The journey of life is all about coming home to your own true nature, who you were the moment you were born. Every human needs to let go of programmed thinking and dead ends in a mind maze. Set self free to launch off on path of adventure by allowing labyrinth in journey of discovering what is essential in your life journey. Here your own life purpose comes forth once you release subconscious entangled thoughts and troubling behaviours. Gift self higher level of conscious creativity that spontaneously brings amazing experiences to elevate quality of life in miraculous ways! In this series, there will be 8 basic essentials that will bring you home to your true self and core desires deep within.

To begin, imagine yourself on a sailboat, drifting along with the sea of life. As wind and waves rise and carry you into unknowns with fear and doubt, consciously steer this way and that way to maintain safety and let go of all turbulences around you. Stay open minded with open heart, staying interconnected with all energies. Hold courage within, believing that you will not only survive but also thrive with all the natural beauty around you. Free self from negative thinking, mind traps and programmed thinking and allow yourself to sail forth with grace, ease and dignity!

Manifest True Love! VIII

Relax! Calm mind/body as you treat self with time in nature and sink into oneness with all life around you. Observe what you see, feel, smell, or touch in each and every moment. Observe all that nourishes and rejuvenates you to come home to your own true nature and natural vitality. As you ground self with open heart and mind, witness messages that spontaneously arise from within and without, externals that magically capture your attention. Perhaps a large bird flies over you and sings its melody or a multi-petaled flower comes into your presence shining beauty of sun powers up to your heart. Maybe the fragrance from pine trees enters your environment bringing sweetness of life. Everything that resonates with depths of you in moments carries loving messages from Mother Earth and Father Sky. Receive these timely messages, caress them and give thanks to all around you. True love in the external world is also true love internally. Love all there is and be all that you love!

A red heart shaped tree at sunset.

Manifest True Love! VII

True love is equivalent to the sun’s powerful energies where it’s light transforms all life on our planet. True love helps all of life to warm and rise and even burn things to point of magical transformation from alchemy. Just as metal can turn to gold, you too can transform all troubles from hardened self, stresses and sufferings from past to no stress, no lacks and achieve everything and more from depths of heart. Here true love will be your new reality as you evolve to become true love on soul level!

Red heart shaped sky at sunset. Beautiful landscape with road.Love background with copy space. Road to love

Manifest True Love! VI

All life energies coexist. Just as the sun affects all life on earth, so too does the moon which influences all fluids that flow including tides and blood in humans connected to emotions. All impacts another in significant ways, depending on amount of light or darkness that arises in moments and whether it remains or gradually dissolves.

Full moons, which carries soft light energies surrounded by vast darkness, mirrors the subtle, calm, peaceful energies in prevailing darkness. On human level, if darkness arises where fear, anger, rage, panic and distress enters the environment, we all need to embrace our own light with positive loving energies held deep within open hearts. Commit to maintaining positive energies every step of the way. True love will be your reality even when darkness arises at end of day!

Know that all that affects you may also infect you, especially if light of love dissolves within oneself. Manifest true love in challenging moments by choosing best for self and others. Stop hurt by removing self from dark energies and allow the darkness to be separate from you and not in you. Every human has their own journey of growth, when time is right for them to heal and embrace essential lessons needed. Become one with true love!

Manifest True Love! V

Launch into true love and become one with true love! True love is unlimited. It is boundless with no beginning and no end. True love always was, always is and always will be … in all ways, every way and every day! It is always a reality with no falseness. Free self to be always unlimited and become perfectly free! Liberation of soul awaits your arrival each and every day, in each and every way!

Man and soul. Yoga lotus pose meditation on nebula galaxy background. Zen, spiritual well-being

Manifest True Love! IV

True love is based on a higher level of existence. In order to make it your new reality, know that it is neither based on defending or depending, demanding or commanding. True love comes from a state of interdependency where your positive energies are mirrored by all of life in world. Here external sources are not literally and physically sought after but just magically arises at right time and place in ones’ life! Once you come home to place of kindness and compassion, you will blossom forth like a flower that naturally blooms forth in most beautiful ways! Know that you too can be one of the most beautiful growths that appear on this planet, where everyone and everything around you loves and admires you just as much as you do in return!

Manifest True Love! III

Be gentle. Be generous. Be genuine! Be the genuine light that comes from sky, every day and every night, emitting power of great warmth and brightness, and also gentleness of soothing lights that calm mind/body. Positive energies support positive emotions that naturally lightens the journey of life. Knowing it is always present and available is key for every human to elevate quality of love and life in amazing ways. Breathe in love with every in-breath, breathe out fear and worries with every out breath. Gravitate naturally to your higher self as you flow with grace and ease and become one with sky!