Intuition 6

Know when to act! Know when it is the right time and place to step into action with your inner knowing. This is a mindful practice where being in the moment will spontaneously give you exactly what you need to do. Build trust in your inner knowing by tracking outcomes of what you intuitively put into action. The more positive results you have, the more confident you will be!

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Intuition 5

Inner knowing is mainly for the person perceiving it. Be discerning and careful when others share their insights on your experiences in life. Not only may they have their own filters, as discussed in the last post, their insights may be negatively clouded by their own low energy in the moment. Therefore, the gift of inner knowing is only 100% accurate for the one receiving it from within themselves. Each and every person must interpret their own inner knowing.

Practice mindfulness in the moment when you are exposed to insights from others. Bring your own inner authority to the table and add your felt perceptions to the situation. Ask yourself if their insight feels right for you. Does it resonate deep within? If not, perhaps it is a portal to viewing things differently. It may be a seed for you to consider in the future. Always remember that Insights from others regarding your personal situation are not the absolute truth. Hold this awareness in every interaction you have. Accept the fact that your inner knowing is pure and accurate for yourself only and when you are in a positive, open and relaxed state of mind!

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Intuition 4

A habitually churning mind set with rigid thought patterns and perceptions may cloud your inner knowing. Strong desires, expectations in life and fears entrenched in mind thoughts are like contaminated filters through which your inner knowing is continually distorted. Be aware of any deeply entrenched fears and thoughts you have been holding onto for a very long time. Mindfully work on releasing these filters through deeper silence. Stay open with a curious beginners mind, not needing to control anything except maintaining a healthy inner realm.

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Intuition 3

As you practice deepening your silence within, bring awareness to the importance of letting go old beliefs and stories that no longer serve you well. Begin to see yourself as a beautiful spark of light that holds precious insights and wisdom unique to you. See yourself beyond limiting definitions of who and what you are. See your life as a movie where you are the director and therefore have the power to change your story anytime! Letting go of limiting stories is crucial as it opens the doorway to inner knowing!

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Intuition 2

Intuition is based on inner knowing. Develop greater trust in your inner knowing by deepening your silence within. Set aside one hour each week to practice silence of the mind. Choose a location, whether indoors or out, where there will be no interruptions. Turn off your cell phone and better yet, leave it behind. Let others know you will not be available during this hour. Set boundaries with children and loved ones to ensure uninterrupted time. While in silence, allow your mind to settle deeper and deeper. Allow the mental chatter to float away and dissolve as easily as they came. Get comfortable with deeper silence as this is home to your inner knowing!

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Intuition is an inner knowing based on sensory experiences. These include bodily sensations, emotions, images, smells and messages that spontaneously arise in the moment. Bodily sensations may involve tension in certain body parts, increased heart rate and even a shift in your breathing pattern. All of these are signals from your core being informing you of something that requires your attention in the moment. Over the next 6 weeks, essential tips will be covered to develop greater confidence in your own inner knowing. Trust is key as it ultimately leads you home to your authentic nature!




Healthy Response-ability 7

Healthy response-ability accentuates your authentic power! When you follow your hearts’ desires, the rewards are immense in both your inner and outer worlds. No longer doubting your capacity to succeed, you live fully and freely from a place of trust and open regard for yourself and others. Miraculously, you step mindfully onto the path of integrity and this is the pinnacle of life! With the start of a new year, commit to honouring your heart and authentic power. Release old reactive patterns and stay aligned with positive healthy responses that nourish you and the world around you!

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Healthy Response-ability 6

As 2018 comes to an end and a new year draws closer, consider what is most important to you in your life right now. This holiday period between Christmas and New Years is an excellent time to catch your breath from the season’s activities and reflect on everything in your life.  Consider long-term goals as opposed to short-term rewards. Look deeply in areas of health, work, relationships, and lifestyle.

What improvements do you desire? Are you willing to commit to any changes for your future? If so, does it involve healthier food choices, less distractions in the world and a simpler living style? Does it involve better communication with loved ones, more time with your partner and children in your life? Or maybe it involves more meaningful work and endeavours that bring you greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.  All of these are important and require your loving attention every step of the way! Healthy Response-ability is something you can bring to your life anytime you choose!


Healthy Response-ability 5

Bring awareness to your inner stories, especially the ones that no longer serve you well. Habitual thinking patterns can cause enormous blockages in life if we do not make time to examine them in the moment. For instance, if you have always thought it is your responsibility to host a Christmas event every year due to family tradition and you now feel overwhelmed by the task, it is important that you consider different options for maintaining wellness. Perhaps you may want to collaborate with another person or the entire group and reshape the event, skip the event entirely this year, or make it smaller and more intimate event over a few different dates. There are many things we can do to continue our connections in meaningful ways and maintain mental and physical health at the same time!

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Healthy Response-ability 4

What beckons your attention this holiday season? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the continual deluge of activities coming your way? Do you include your overall wellness in all your decisions? If so, great! Congratulations on mindfully balancing yourself during this very hectic time of year. If not, make time to shift your awareness and habitual patterns of running, running, running. Bring a more mindful pace to your life, one that respects mind, body and ebb and flow of emotions. Doing this is immensely rewarding as it reduces the risk of fatigue, depression and even exhaustion in the weeks and months that follow. Mindfully choose a healthy response that supports the future you desire!

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