Flow with Life III

Healthy social connections are a vital part of maintaining a sense of stability when flowing with life. The acts of giving and receiving support nourishes the heart in a very deep and soothing way. Generosity and humbleness soothes our being, eases anxiety and lingering sensations from the past, feelings of alienation and separation.

Flow with grace through solid connections with loved ones, family, friends and like minds. Reach out for comfort, celebrate joys together, listen to fears, and trust that each of you will be accepted and understood in both roles, as giver and receiver. Flow comes naturally and beautifully when we are able to prioritize these qualities in our relationships!


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Flow with Life II

Empowering beliefs are the foundation for flowing with life. Believe from the depths of your heart that both ease and joy are possible. Believe that flow can be your reality at any given moment. See your precious life as a wonderful gift to be honoured and treasured.

The past is behind you now. This moment today is new and precious, never to be repeated again. You are constantly growing and changing through life, evolving to higher levels of consciousness. Stress, annoyances and pain no longer need to dominate your day. Breathe deep, release all tension and negativity. Relax with confidence, knowing you have the capacity to flow through life. Know that you can flow with more grace, transforming your experiences in the moment by making wise choices, resolving, altering, or walking away from difficulties that arise. Say goodbye to strife and hello to flow!

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Flow with Life

To flow with life means to not feel stuck. When we accept what is happening before us, we can respond mindfully and allow flow to become our way of being. Instead of reacting with old patterns of behaviour, we stay fully present in the moment with open awareness. Regardless of circumstances and situations beyond our control, we can maintain a more positive outlook maintaining a wonderful sense of freedom within.

Set a foundation of empowering beliefs for yourself. Believe in your capacity to solve problems, to come up with a variety of possibilities and even employ creative solutions to any situation. Build confidence in yourself by taking the necessary steps to move forward in life. Always remember: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

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Peace of Mind 7

Peace is something we all can create for ourselves. Peace is a way of acting, knowing, listening, speaking and living. It comes from an open heart, free of fear and filled with unconditional acceptance of all in life. Accept and honour both polarities including action and rest, humility and pride, teaching and learning. Peaceful acceptance is the foundation for peace of mind.

Peace of Mind 6

Equilibrium is key for peace of mind. Mindfully maintain balance between all 4 realms of wellness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The best way to do this is via regular meditation throughout the course of each day. Make time to stop between and even during activities; still the active mind and body; check in with all four levels of wellness. Quiet the mind and observe sensations in your physical body. Observe current emotions and level of spiritual energy. Are you out of balance; feeling tired or anxious? Do you feel tension in your head from a continual whirling of mental activity? Or do you feel balanced in most realms? Shift whatever needs your attention in the moment, even if it means stepping outside for a few minutes. Peace of mind is more likely to happen when you live with loving awareness in the moment!

Peace of Mind 5

Befriend pain, loss and suffering. As much as we would like to avoid dark experiences, they are a normal part of the human journey. Instead of engaging in them, allow them to just be. Sit with quiet acceptance, neither judging, reacting or fuelling more emotions. Remain neutral in a mindful way, observing the experience like waves of energy passing through you.

Bring an open heart with loving kindness and compassion to the surface. Allow your heart to heal hurts. Allow tears to flow. Allow words to spill out on paper or with a caring and trusted friend. Release pent up emotions in a healthy way that respects yourself and others. Pillows are a great tool for releasing excess emotions. Also cardio exercises like running, jogging, hiking, cycling, dancing and jumping are very helpful as they literally shift energy in your body to help you return to an open peaceful mind. You always have a choice!


Peace of Mind 4

Limiting perceptions inhibit peace of mind. Let go of victim mentality and lingering beliefs of abandonment. The past is no longer here and we need not hold onto pain and suffering any further. In the spiritual realm, everything happens for a reason and if pain was a part of our experience, there is a lesson for us to learn. Seize the moment now and shift your perception from powerless to powerful. See yourself as strong and capable. Transform your reality to include peace of mind!

Peace of Mind 3

Peace of mind comes from a state of neutrality. Release any limiting stories from your past. Allow negative thoughts and perceptions to drift away as they contribute to disempowering beliefs, feelings of disappointment and regrets in life. Let go of what you think you should have done in life or things you believe should have happened. See all ‘shoulds’ as limiting beliefs rooted in faulty perceptions. Be kind and gentle as no one can ever know exactly how things will turn out. Be mindful about maintaining an open neutral mind. This is key for experiencing peace of mind. 

Peace of Mind 2

Cultivate greater peace within by embracing the notion that the most natural state of mind is stillness. See the active working mind the result of external conditioning. Attempting to understand things, solve problems and memorize particular details is the result of a lifetime habit. It is common to rationalize, justify and try to make sense of everything in life but this doesn’t need to always happen. Let go of this on-going habit and discover a renewed sense of peace within.

Envision your mind as vast and limitless as the sky. See all thoughts as clouds passing by. Do not attach to any thoughts. Do not engage with any of them. Simply observe the activity and focus on maintaining an open spacious mind. Allow silence to rise and expand in the open space. At first you may not experience any silence at all but with continued practice, the space will enlarge and inner peace will arise!

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Peace of Mind

Peace is a universal desire which may literally feel impossible in todays conflicting world. However, peace of mind and inner peace are not based on external conditions at all. Peace of mind is something one chooses and creates for self in their inner realm, regardless of what is happening in the outer realm. Over the next several weeks, timeless insights and essential strategies for experiencing greater peace of mind will be revealed.

The first step towards inner peace is to be aware of your desire. Set the intention to achieve it and commit to experiencing it as your new reality. Envision what it would be like to live everyday with peace of mind. Allow this sensation to flow through your body, calm your being, slow your breath and heart rate. Then prioritize this experience by adding it to your daily routines and perhaps even including some relaxing music and time spent in nature as well. Whether you choose to sit indoors in a favourite room or chair, or take a leisurely stroll outdoors in nature, commit to 20 minutes of practice every day. Gradually increase this to 2X’s per day, then 3X’s per day, perhaps before you start your day, midday and before you go to bed. Commitment to this will be the catalyst for positive change and foundation for experiencing greater peace within.

“I am peace!”