As the founder and creator of Mind Master Training, I am passionate about mental fitness and mindfulness.  I am a naturally optimistic person who is a true student of life.  Having learned early on that loss and adversity are normal aspects of life, I have come to appreciate and understand the value of every experience life offers.  Change and difficulties are the greatest teachers and I believe we all have the power to manifest positive outcomes.

With a background in sociology, philosophy, and spirituality, my professional training includes 4 years of Social work at Douglas College, and certification as an Active Choices coach through the University of Victoria. Professionally, I have worked as an Active Living Coach and Facilitator, a Career Consultant, a Caregiver for the elderly, a Life Skills worker for adults with developmental disabilities and holistic wellness consultant for adults ages 19 – 87.  With over 30 years professional experience supporting others, being a positive and inspiring model and mentor comes very naturally for me.

My philosophy in life is to live fully and authentically in the moment while moving forward and making the most out of each day, every step of the way.  I am blessed to offer mental fitness and mindfulness sessions to the public and look forward to building stronger, healthier communities together while contributing to the greater good world wide.

Warmest Regards,

Fay Wong

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