Intuition 7

Do you doubt your ability to live intuitively? Build faith in your intuition by strengthening inner confidence. If doubt regularly arises for you, gently silence your doubting voice with unconditional love and compassion, perhaps saying to yourself “It’s alright. It will be fine. I am here for you.” Practice being courageous in the moment as you step into action. Be brave enough to take risks and move beyond discomforts. Strengthen your confidence in the moment through inner knowing. Know what serves you well and what doesn’t serve you well!

Ask yourself “What brings me doubt in life?” Is it current events, social media or specific relationships? Remember that you always have a choice. For instance, if you regularly meet people who harbour negative energy, you can choose to speak your truth in the moment. You could saying something like “When you share negativity, I feel concern and doubt. Would you be willing to be more neutral in your sharing?” Stay open to whatever arises. If change can happen, hurrah!!!¬† Confidence grows with increasing positive energy just as flowers blossom with the right nutrients and support system!

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