Peace of Mind 2

Cultivate greater peace within by embracing the notion that the most natural state of mind is stillness. See the active working mind the result of external conditioning. Attempting to understand things, solve problems and memorize particular details is the result of a lifetime habit. It is common to rationalize, justify and try to make sense of everything in life but this doesn’t need to always happen. Let go of this on-going habit and discover a renewed sense of peace within.

Envision your mind as vast and limitless as the sky. See all thoughts as clouds passing by. Do not attach to any thoughts. Do not engage with any of them. Simply observe the activity and focus on maintaining an open spacious mind. Allow silence to rise and expand in the open space. At first you may not experience any silence at all but with continued practice, the space will enlarge and inner peace will arise!

atmosphere blue sky cloud clouds

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