Healthy Response-ability 3

Do you find yourself confused at times, not knowing what to do next? This is a common experience for all humans. Understanding the big picture is an essential part of healthy living. The big picture reveals the wisdom and hidden gifts in challenging situations. It takes time and focused attention to come up with a new perspective but it’s well worth it since the benefits are far reaching!

Make time for solitude and meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool for transforming yourself and your experiences in life. Meditate on what’s most important to you as you ponder “What we can I do to make my life better?” Basically, there are 2 options to consider:

  1. Do nothing and continue living your life in the same way, accepting and dealing with the consequences as they arise.
  2. Take a chance and seek a new way of living. Let go of any risk aversion you may hold and be willing to step out of your usual patterns of thinking and behaving. Open yourself to a new lens of perception!
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