Integrity IV

Integrity is revealed through our choice of words. Speak in a way that contributes to greater understanding between you and others. Practice expressing yourself openly and honestly, sharing exactly what is happening for you in the moment. Do it in such a way that evokes wonder and maintains a sense of connection as opposed to disconnection and blame.

For instance, if you had committed to hosting a social event and discover on the morning it is scheduled to happen that you can no longer commit due to unforeseen circumstances, you might choose to say something like “I’m really sorry that I need to postpone this event due to unexpected circumstances that arose this morning. I will explain the details to you the next time we talk and for now, I hope you understand and will be able to attend this event once I reschedule it.” Another way of communicating if you are no longer able to host the event at all, you might say “Something has come up this morning that I can no longer commit to this event. I apologize for this and hope you understand. I will explain the details to you later tonight.”

Mindfully strengthen your level of communication skills each time a situation involving personal integrity arises. The benefits are enormous as your relationship with others will strengthen alongside communication skills! By modelling integrity, others will learn firsthand through your wise choice of words and moral acts.



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