Integrity III

Integrity is imperative not only for mind fitness but for overall fitness as well. Integrity supports physical vitality, emotional balance and spiritual wellness on a deeper level. Without integrity, a lack of harmony exists within oneself and the external world.

There are four essential skills necessary for cultivating integrity. The first two essential skills were covered in the last two posts. The third essential skill involves commitment through conscious agreements with oneself and others. What this means is taking full responsibility for your words and actions in life. At the most basic level, say what you mean and mean what you say. Practice being impeccable with your speech. Anything short of that creates a divide within yourself and others. Not only are you letting yourself down when agreements are broken, but others as well.

We are all here to learn from one another. Model integrity by consciously selecting agreements that you can fully commit to. Know how to say no to agreements that you do not want to make. Access body wisdom to select agreements that support win-win outcomes.




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