Integrity II

Last week’s post provided not only a detailed definition of integrity, but also its significance when it comes to mind fitness. Integrity involves morality, respect and honour for self and others. Without it, there is lack of harmony leading to discord within and without. It is therefore vital that we embrace integrity and work consciously to cultivate the four essential skills.

The first essential skill was revealed last week. The second essential skill involves responsibility. Ask yourself if you blame others or become defensive when conflict and changes arise? Do you protect yourself at all costs, ignoring the impact on others? If so, shift from old habits of reacting to new mindful responses that benefit all, yourself included! Adopt an attitude of curiosity and wonder accentuated with loving-kindness and compassion. Be a model of inspiration, taking 100% responsibility for your part in the process. When you elevate your integrity, integrity elevates you and all your experiences in life!



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