Integrity is a vital part of mind fitness. Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. The root meaning is wholeness, inferring the state of being undivided. Synonyms for individual integrity include honesty, fairness, sincerity and trustworthiness. Synonyms for relationship and group integrity include unity, coherence and togetherness. In contrast when integrity is absent, there is dishonesty and division. When we are not truthful with ourselves and others, there is inevitably discord that inhibits harmony within and with external relationships as well.

Cultivate integrity by practicing 4 essential skills. The first skill involves emotional literacy. Do you honour and respect your emotions? Are you able to express, process and release them in healthy ways? If not, embrace the wisdom of this and the next 3 upcoming posts.

If you are currently feeling stressed, worried or anxious ridden, it is time to step back from ‘doing’ and simple be. Be fully present with yourself in the moment and create space in your mind for clarity and insights to arise. Disengage from mind chatter and rest in the spaciousness of an open, vast, limitless mind beyond the intellectual mind. Observe bodily sensations and any pain or tension within. Your body is the portal to your inner knowing and true essence.  Set the intention to heal and release any pain or tension, then wait quietly for an answer. This answer does not come from the rational logical problem solving mind but from the spontaneous wise mind that yields those incredible ‘Aha!’ moments. Heed this inner knowing. Bring integrity to light and it will brighten your path towards wholeness and authentic living.


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