Integrity V

Last week’s post emphasized the importance of communication skills for enhancing integrity. Speaking honestly and openly is vital over blaming and coercion. Standing up for oneself and communicating the truth, free of others needs and demands, is essential to on-going wellness.

Authentic speech is a skill that can be developed and practiced throughout one’s life. The key is to check in with body sensations and make sure your choice of words aligns with bodily needs. For instance, if you feel physical tension in your body or butterflies in your stomach, stand firm with your intentions and choose words that support wellness. You might choose to say something like “I really can’t commit to this anymore since my stress levels are quite high right now. I need to withdraw for a few months until I’m feeling stronger and more balanced.” ¬†Prioritizing personal wellness supports win-win outcomes as others will get a healthier and happier you!


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