Intuition 2

Intuition often arises in a flash.  It may be a phrase that pops into your awareness, such as “Time to go”, “Need a break”, or “I love this!” How do you know these are not from your thinking mind?  The major difference is that intuition is spontaneous and always supports your highest self.  In contrast, thoughts are typically linear and rational, leading you anywhere and everywhere.

For instance, if your intuition presented “Tired”, the thinking mind may go on to add “I didn’t sleep well last night”, “The neighbours had a very noisy party” “There must’ve been a lot of alcohol there.”, etc., etc.  Thought trains can go on forever unless you mindfully get off the train.  Thoughts can lead you on an emotional roller coaster, depleting your physical energy.  Open yourself to inner peace and intuition will arise.  Feel the difference!


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