The final tip for cultivating vitality involves inner knowing.  This is related to your crown chakra which is located at the top of your head and is the portal to your subconscious mind.  This place of deep knowing can be accessed through meditation, when you quiet your active thinking mind to hear the voice of wisdom within.

Deep inside each of us is a knowing that we are all connected.  We are not separate from others but are an integral part of the whole system of life.  Embracing this notion means acknowledging commonalities with all living things.  When we realize our wellness is intricately tied to our environment, we can mindfully create exactly what we need to ensure vitality remains a constant part of our life.  This may involve mindful food choices, mindful exercise, or mindful pursuits that bring reward and fulfillment to your life.  Take a moment to step outside and admire the abundance of nature thriving around you.  Breathe deeply, soak in the warmth of the sun and revel in truth of our interconnected natures.



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