Ancient Wisdom

Our body is energy.  According to ancient eastern wisdom, there are 7 major energy centres within our body.  These are called chakras (pronounced SHOK ruhs) and they govern our health and happiness.  In our most natural state, they operate perfectly in balance.  However, when we feel stressed or unwell, they can become clogged and out of balance.  When this happens, we simply need to cleanse them.  There are many ways that we can do this.  The next several posts will offer tips for cleansing and balancing chakras so that vitality can return in a timely way.

This weeks’ tip is to bring awareness to the quality of foods you eat.  Choose foods with a high level of life energy to support optimal chakra functioning.  Foods that are naturally grown, whole grains, and organic food sources are preferred over processed and enriched foods.  Minimize or cut back on any sources that were mechanically produced, contrary to nature.  On a subconscious level, we absorb what we ingest.  Our body reveals this.  Our emotions reflect this.  Our Spirit knows this.  If you find you have a skip in your step and love bubbling within, it’s a good indication that you are making good food choices to support natural vitality!


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