Spring into Vitality!

Spring has officially arrived and there is no better time than now to embrace new rituals for enhancing vitality in life!  Align yourself with nature and renewed life energy through cleansing.  Cleansing at its most basic level involves removal of something unwanted or unpleasant.  Personal cleansing can happen on many different levels, both internally and externally.

One great way to cleanse internally and clear the mind of mental debris is to embark on a media cleanse.  For one hour, one morning, afternoon, day, week, or month, remove yourself from all media sources where negative energy is regularly and unwittingly downloaded into your conscience.  This includes the news, voices of critics, and ads with fear-based marketing to name a few.  Repeated exposure to negative programming affects our mental state on a subconscious level.  Mindfully choose healthy positive energy to increase vitality in life!


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