When it comes to experiencing more vitality in life, choose activities that engage more of your senses.  This is a key tip!  Look for things that allow you to not only see and hear, but also feel, smell and taste life! … rather than passively participating in it.  Focus on what enlivens you.  An example of a popular activity that enlivens many people is spending time in nature.  Conversely, an example of a popular activity that drains many people is binge watching hours of television series or movies.  The big difference is how you feel afterwards.  If you find yourself feeling tired and apathetic, it is time to create positive change!


Engaging activities naturally inspire health and overall wellbeing.  Vitality is a choice we can make at any time in our life.  Take control of your life today.  Let go of life draining activities and replace them with life enhancing habits.  You are worth it!!!

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