Conscious Weeding

A.N.T.s are hazardous to your health.  Automatic Negative Thoughts are invasive like unwanted weeds.  Thoughts of “I can’t do this” or “I shouldn’t do that” can monopolize your mind to the degree of limiting your life greatly.  Take action against invasive A.N.T.s by choosing more positive statements that serve you well for the long run.  Nurturing thoughts that honor who you are and offers dignity are good choices.  For example, you might choose to say to yourself, “I want mutually supportive relationships” or “I want to discover my true potential”.  These are highly positive and enriching statements that support long-term physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  You will delightfully discover that positive, enriching statements are much hardier than any army of A.N.T.s or species of invasive weeds!


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