The Source II

Do you read magazines and news sources regularly?  If so, have you ever stopped to consider the number of advertisements that are intertwined with each experience?  Recent studies reveal we are exposed to thousands of ads each day.  Fleeting images, catchy tunes and enticing words impact us much more than many of us realize or even admit.

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry today, imprinting our minds at deep, subconscious levels.  They influence not only our choices as consumers, but also our values, lifestyle choices, and perceptions of success.  Humans are emotional beings, susceptible to the barrage of input we unwittingly expose ourself to every day.

Take a giant step back, breathe deep, and then move forward mindfully with renewed awareness of the pervasive quality of ads and their subtle influences.  Ask yourself if you want to continually expose yourself to unnecessary influences or if you prefer to live more authentically, following your natural inclinations.  We always have a choice.  Perhaps adopting a new perspective is called for at this time.  Perhaps reducing your exposure to unsolicited advertising is a good first step!


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