Peace in Daily Life

An active mind can literally run your life.  Where is your mind when you are busily engaged in daily routines?  As you rush up or down a flight of stairs, is your mind in a whirlwind of thoughts?  “I have to do this.”  “I need to get that.”  “I don’t want to miss …”  The active and anxious mind takes us away from living mindfully.

When caught up in ‘doing’, you may forget the importance of ‘being’ in the moment.  Pause the next time you are about to rush to get somewhere or do something.  Whether satisfying hunger pains, retrieving something from another room, or searching for a misplaced item, bring awareness to your entire being.  Focus on your breath and a sense of calmness.  Allow your mind to settle.  Make this a regular habit and very naturally, peace will be a normal part of your daily life.



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