Change for Good!

Summer is here. Long hot days and balmy nights replace the cold short days of winter. News of growing wildfires, decreasing air quality and rising temperatures dominate the news.  Enjoying summer can sometimes be challenging and adapting well to dramatic seasonal changes requires mindful awareness.

Anxiety, worry, and sleep problems are common during the summer months.  Break away from limiting thought patterns and bring awareness to inner dialogue about specific problems you may be experiencing.  For instance, if you find yourself saying “I do not sleep well in the heat” or “The heat drains me”, these words only affirm old patterns, ensuring they will remain a problem.

Replace limited thoughts with more positive statements that support wellness and build confidence in yourself.  Choose to say “I always sleep well when I prioritize self-care” or “I am wiser each year and can adapt successfully to hot weather” instead.  Rehearse positive statements aloud and say them with deep conviction, believing it is your reality.  In time, you will notice the difference and old limiting patterns will fade into the past like distant memories!

Young Girl on Rope Swing under Pohutukawa Tree, Whangapoua Beach, Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand

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