Insights often come when we least expect.  Insight, as defined in the dictionary, is: 1) a sudden perception of the solution to a problem or difficulty; 2) the capacity of understanding hidden truths especially of characters or situations.  Living mindfully is key to receiving valuable insights.  When we are fully present in the moment, we are much more likely to receive solutions and hidden truths.  Sometimes these are very subtle like a sudden thought or feeling within, or quite obvious.

The headline of an investment newsletter read “Transform uncertainty into confidence“, followed by “Managing your emotions is one of the most important factors impacting investment success.”  The image above the words is two buds erupting from rich dark soil.  Pausing to ponder the significance of these may reveal hidden truths and solutions that are relevant to your life right now.

Ask yourself “What does this mean to me?”  Does the rich soil infer a need to change something in your environment to achieve growth?  Are your emotions currently blocking you from moving forward in life?  Perhaps these are important insights that deserve your attention right now.  One of the greatest benefits of living mindfully is receiving insights such as these.  Their sources are often surprising so stay open to what each moment presents!


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