Breathe in Love

News and images of catastrophic events flash across the screen.  Footage of people in despair and engaged in rescue efforts flood your awareness.  Our body shakes with the news, as the world shakes.  Our hearts reverberate, echoing the pain of others.

At times like this, it is vital that we strengthen our love and commitment to peace, for ourselves and others.  Focusing on breath, we can say to ourselves with each inhale and exhale:

“May I be” (in breath), “at peace.” (out-breath).  Continue doing this until you feel a sense of calm within.  Then expand your wishes to others by saying:

“May you be” (in breath), “at peace.” (out breath).  When you feel a deeper sense of calm within, expand it even further by adding:

“May our world” (in breath), “be peace.” (out breath).

If you feel compelled to do so, light a candle for those who are suffering.  Send loving energy and allow any rising tears to flow.  Breathe in love.  Breathe out peace … and become peace.


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