Mindfulness is the gateway to healing.  Whether you are coping with a physical injury or illness, emotional loss, or psychological stressor, mindfulness reveals the path back to wholeness.  This radical shift from hurt to healing is a process that alters your perspectives and changes your approach to living in profound ways.

Embracing the truth of our wholeness in any given moment, we open ourselves to the gift of possibilities.  This is the turning point where change begins.  Old patterns of thinking and automatic reactions give way to inner stillness, confidence and hope.

For example, if you typically experience anxiety and frustration in heavy traffic, you can remind yourself of true wholeness in the moment and take a few deep cleansing breaths, then say to yourself “This is manageable”, “I can overcome this” and “I have choices”.  Choosing what serves you best in the moment is the beauty of mindfulness in action.  Healing awaits with every breath of mindfulness you take.

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