Wholeness 3

Wholeness is a process.  Continuing from the scenario described in the last post with the example of anger arising within, healing may also include a conversation with the person who triggered the hurt.  When the time is right and you feel ready to address the situation, you may decide to say something like: “When we last spoke, I found your tone and choice of words condescending.  I feel hurt and rejected.  Would you be willing to try to be more tactful in future conversations?”  By giving yourself a voice and honoring your truth, you free yourself to step out from the shadow of hurt and move into healing light.

If speaking directly to the other person is not an option for whatever reason, then you may choose to write a letter without sending it, or journal your experience through stream of conscious writing.  In both cases, it may be necessary to ensure these papers are properly disposed of without risking future harm.  These are powerful tools for safely expressing yourself in an open and honest way while releasing pent-up emotions.  When you honour your truths, you step onto the path to wholeness.

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