Wholeness 2

The path to wholeness is a journey of reconnection.  We must reconnect with disowned and suppressed parts of ourselves, including our shadow self.  These are parts that have been hurt and hold painful emotions.  We must allow the pain to surface, hear its message and respond to it in a healthy way.

For instance if anger arises when another person speaks to you in a condescending tone, recognize your hurt and honour the pain triggered within you.  See this as an opportunity to consciously free yourself.  In this moment of mindful awareness, you may choose to remove yourself to process your hurt.  You may decide to focus on your breath and calm yourself before doing anything else.  As your thoughts and body sensations settle, you may be drawn to emotional release through crying, reaching out to a support person, taking time for self-care.  This is essential for releasing pain stored within and freeing yourself on the path to wholeness.


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