Mindfulness and Emotions

Emotions are the essence of being human.  Without emotions, life would be flat.  One might even go as far as to say, “Life would be lifeless!”

Emotions are energy!  When emotions move through us, they motivate us in one way or another.  A person who feels excitement is motivated to take action while a person who feels nothing may be despondent and lethargic.  Some emotions stay with us for long periods while others visit only briefly and sporadically.  Dark emotions such as anger and sadness may stay longer than we like, blocking our ability to live life fully.

When we hide difficult emotions or deny them, they take residence in our body.  In order to free ourselves from sticky emotions, we need to find ways to release them in a healthy manner.  Mindfulness is a highly effective tool for dealing with difficult emotions.  Anxiety, fear, and sadness can get the better of us if we allow.  The next few posts will offer insights and tips for dealing with difficult emotions and processing them in a healthy and mindful manner!


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