Befriend Your Body

Body pain and tension can get the better of us if we disregard signals from within.  Ignoring discomfort is like alienating yourself.  Instead, befriend your body and listen deeply to what it is saying.  Maybe it is telling you to slow down, take a break, or try a different approach.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to develop new skills and habits for long-term health.  Chronic aches and pain can be effectively addressed with the practice of mindfulness.

Make today the day you become your body’s best friend. Pay attention to it with loving kindness and non-judgmental attention.  Vow to work with your body to heal any pain you are experiencing.  Find time for self-care and commit to wellness now.  Science reveals the body has the capacity to heal itself naturally and regenerate healthy cells.  Why not support this miracle within.  Awareness is key.  Mindfully choose your next step towards better health today.

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