Your Temple

You are the expert of your life, your mind, and your body.  If you doubt this, then at the very least, believe you are in the best position to become an expert of your life, mind and body with mindful attention!  Bring non-judgemental awareness to every aspect of your life.  Mindfulness is an adventure like no other!

Observe your sensory experiences in the here and now.  Bring awareness to your body.   See your body as a vibrant temple which gives you life.  Focus on your breath and its rhythmic flow, coming in and out of your body like waves on a beach.  Bring awareness to physical sensations, from the crown of your head to toes.  Relax any tension or tightness you feel by softening those areas with deep and relaxing breaths.  Imagine the tension leaving your body with each out breath.  Envision your body healthy and at ease.  Hold this image with you as you go about your day.  Practice this regularly throughout the week and you will be amazed how a few minutes of mindfulness leads to enhanced quality of life!

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