The Aha! Moment

Mindfulness reminds us that we are human.  We are complex beings comprised of mind, body and spirit.  Our authentic nature lies at the core of our being, under layers of experiences that have shaped us since birth.  Those experiences contribute to who we are today, including illusions of inadequacy as discussed in the previous three posts on small self.  Mindfulness dissolves those illusions very naturally and brings us back to the reality we were all born whole and complete, with a divine essence flowing through each and every one of us.

The practice of mindfulness evokes personal best. When you live mindfully, you become aware of incongruities between your inner and outer worlds.  You stop identifying with small self and repeating old habits that block your potential.  You stop comparing yourself to others and instead, honour your authentic nature and unique gifts.  This revolutionary step forward is one of the greatest blessings mindfulness offers.  Through self-acceptance, you free yourself to be all that you were meant to be.

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