Inner Peace 2

Inner peace involves a state of deep contentment.  Coming to terms with all parts of your life, past and present, is an important part of inner peace.  This second tip involves letting go and becoming fully present.

Tip #2:  Free yourself from past problems and worries about the future.  Know for certain what you can control and what you can’t.  Let go of what you cannot control.  Embrace what you can control and that is your choice of responses and emotions.  Choose a state of calm trust, believing that everything is unfolding in its own natural way.  Remind yourself how everything in nature unfolds in its own perfect time.  Trust that you and others are also evolving in the same natural way.  Then let go of cumbersome thoughts and immerse yourself in the present moment.  Engage your senses in your current task.  For example, if you are walking in nature, feel the ground beneath your feet, smell the air, notice the plants and wildlife around you, and the colours of the sky.  Immerse yourself in your experience and allow a sense of inner peace to wash over you.  Inner peace is available to all of us, whenever needed.  Open your mind to make space for inner peace.

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