Inner Peace

Inner peace is the ultimate state of mind.  Inner peace is difficult to maintain since we humans are intricately tied to the outer world.  It takes a clear and open mind to consciously create and maintain peace within.  The good news is that we all have the capacity to cultivate it through mindful practices.  As 2013 draws to an end, inner peace will be the focus of the five remaining posts with hopes for a lighter and brighter new year for all!

Tip#1: Maintain healthy boundaries with your outer world.  Filter out what does not serve you well and incorporate more of what doe serve you well.  Practice unconditional love for yourself.  Free yourself from judgement and your inner critic.  Love yourself as you would a best friend and nurture your mind, body and spirit.  Remind yourself that the quality of your thoughts reflects the quality of your life.  Purify those thoughts to bring out the very best in you.

Your body is your vehicle in life.  Take care of your body and your body will help you to achieve all that you aspire for in life.  Make healthy food choices, exercise regularly and ensure adequate rest.  Embrace solitude whenever possible and connect with your higher self, that loving nurturing side of you that brings wisdom and insight.  Heed this intuitive voice within, for this voice is your very own personal guide to inner peace.  When you align yourself with your most authentic nature, inner peace comes as naturally as blossoms come to a tree!

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