Finding Clarity V

Information overload leads to brain fog.  Too much information and too little processing time affects our ability to remember details.  How can we avoid brain fog when this happens?  Aside from ensuring adequate rest and downtime, making conscious effort to absorb new information is key.  Once it has been added to our long-term memory, recall is more likely and with even greater detail than we realize.

Take time to absorb new information on a deeper level.  Find answers to what you ponder, establish key points and consider a variety of ways for looking at these.  Examining key points from different angles is a highly revealing exercise that can also be quite amusing.  For instance, if I am learning strategies for increasing happiness, I would also consider ways for increasing misery in my life.  My list might include things like isolating myself, neglecting a healthy diet, regular exercise, and spiritual needs.  Each of these points highlight very clearly what I need to do to increase happiness in my life.  

Review this new information in as many different ways as possible.  Share it in conversation, write a story or poem about it, sing it, sketch it and even act it out, if possible.  The more ways you engage yourself in learning, the greater your retention.  Take a pro-active approach to maintaining clarity throughout life.  Be vigilant against brain fog and steer yourself towards clarity.  Happiness awaits you in the clearing!  

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