Finding Clarity IV

Brain fog is thick and heavy when we are energetically out of balance.  When we have tipped the scale too far towards depletion, brain fog arises with all of its drama.  Unable to receive any more information or methodically process what is currently going on, our mind signals to us loud and clear the need to pull back and practice self-care.

Adequate rest and downtime is vital to maintaining clarity.  Similar to a charging an electric vehicle, sleep provides our minds with the necessary time and space for restoring mental abilities.  Meditation and practices in mindfulness can also help to refuel mental reserves throughout your day.  Incorporate breathing and walking meditations for immediate relief and profoundly powerful benefits.

If you find yourself feeling tired throughout your day and performing below your expectations, this may be a signal for you to make sleep and downtime a priority in your life.  Ensuring this most basic need is met will help to keep brain fog at bay!

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