Finding Clarity III

What do you do when your mind is consumed with worrisome thoughts?  How do you move beyond this to a place of peace and clarity?  Overwhelming negative thoughts can block our ability to see clearly.  Similar to anxiety, worry hinders natural our thought processes and keeps the mind in a state of foggy confusion.  Break through worry-induced fog by trying one of the following strategies.

Consciously give your mind a break and focus on the current task at hand.  Bring your full attention to the moment, using all your senses.  Feel the satisfaction you get from immersing yourself in the experience.  This mental break may be all you need to return to clarity.  If not, repeat as necessary with activities you enjoy, such as walking in nature or creating something with your hands.  Other alternatives include scheduling 20 minutes of worry time when it is conducive to your wellness, connecting with a support person, or journalling your stream of thoughts to flush out lingering concerns and brainstorm possible solutions.  Experiment with one or any combination of these.  The important thing is to take action and not allow worry to take over.  Move through mental fog with definitive action and just as blue skies eventually  return, so too will clarity!

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