Finding Clarity II

Brain fog blocks our ability to think clearly.  The fog is especially thick when accompanied by anxiety and intense emotions.  Emotions are a strong force that impedes logical thought processes and problem solving abilities.  How do we maintain a clarity in the presence of strong emotions.  The answer is with mindfulness.

Bring yourself to the moment with your breath.  Focus on each inhale and exhale as you relax and allow brain fog to dissipate.  The key word here is ‘allow’.  This involves letting go of all thoughts and attachment to the turmoil you are experiencing in your mind and rest in the reality of the moment.  The reality involves your body’s senses, your breath and the physical environment just as it is, without interpretations.

Tune in fully to the moment and what is.  Focus on grounding yourself in this moment and like debris settling in water, the chaos of your mind will gradually settle to renewed clarity.  When this happens, rest in this clear and easy space  you have created for yourself.  Take a few deep breaths to further relax yourself and as you do this, solutions will rise within like bubbles rising to the surface.  Clarity awaits in moments of intense emotions, when you practice mindfulness.

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