Inner Peace 3

Inner peace may feel elusive at times.  This is especially true when we adhere to old belief systems.  The third tip for inner peace involves personal responsibilities.

Tip #3:  Take responsibility for your life and accept the current realities.  What is reality?   You can determine this by assessing the degree of truth in beliefs you hold.  Explore your feelings both with the belief and without it.  For example, if an old friend has not called you for a long time, you may believe that they no longer value your friendship.  To test this, ask yourself if you are 100% certain of this.  Most of the time, a margin of doubt exists.  Ask yourself how you feel believing they no longer value your friendship.  Maybe it is sad or angry.  Now ask yourself how you would feel without this belief.  Perhaps it might be joyful and relieved.  Take time to figure out the root of your beliefs.  You may discover they are rooted in old thinking habits.  In this example, you may discover a lack of confidence or self-love that requires attention.  Take responsibility for your own happiness in life.  It is essential work that we must each do for ourselves.  Inner peace awaits.

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