Today marks the 100th mental fitness tip in the Mind Master blog!  Knowing this brings a tingling sensation from within.  We have a come a long way since the first post 14 months ago.  We have covered a lot of territory and there is so much more to come.  Mental fitness is like a vast ocean with swells of growing awareness, tides of emotions and pockets of calm reflected in crystal clear waters.

Sensory stimuli are everywhere!  When bodily sensations arise,  we are alerted to something that requires our attention.  Whether it be anxiety, joy, fear, or passion, we can either respond mindfully or simply react without further thought.  If our reaction is a habitual one that does not serve us well, we hinder our capacity to grow in life.  In order to maximize potential, it becomes necessary to practice mindfulness.  Mindfulness effectively intervenes by creating space between the sensory stimuli and your response.

Mindfulness is the key to enduring wellness.  Bring full awareness to your experience in the moment.  Take time to simply breathe and reflect on your core values while keeping the bigger picture in mind.  Respond wisely with the ultimate goal of win-win.  At the end of the day, celebrate your wise decision knowing that you did the very best you could in that moment!         

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