Humility is our greatest teacher.  Humility is the state of being humble, modest and respectful.  Humility shines the light on our imperfections as well as our need for others and things outside of our being.  For example, we need farmers to grow our food and doctors to assist with our ailments.  They are all resources we rely on to sustain ourself through.  Humility reveals the true nature of all living things.

How can we cultivate humility?  We can do this by spending more time in nature.  Lessons on humility are abundant in our natural surroundings.  Trees, wildflowers and spores live harmoniously alongside one another, sharing nutrients from the earth and sky and in turn, providing nourishment and protection to other living species.  A delicate ecosystem is visible everywhere you look.  Witness the interdependent nature of all living things on our planet.

Just as plants need sunshine and water to fully blossom, we too require light and water (and other elements!) to grow our true potential.  Choose one day this week to indulge yourself in mother nature’s embrace and reap the lessons she has to offer.  Maintain awe while observing the amazing ecosystems in your surroundings and on your return trek home, express gratitude for all the people and things in your life that support living well!

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