Liberate Yourself

Preferences are good!  Knowing what you like and what serves you well in life is very important.  Preferences allow us to make good choices to maintain optimal wellness.  For example, I prefer to dine outdoors in a serene environment.  These are my personal preferences which I believe enhance the quality of my life.

Personal preferences do not make one person better over another.  They only reveal the unique nature of the individual.  Problems arise when labels are attached to preferences.  In reality, preferences are neither good or bad and are simply reflections of personal choices.  Refrain from labeling preferences as they only bring judgement.

We all have judgements.  Resist judging yourself or others.  Judgement comes from our past and is something that we can consciously suspend by choice today.  Commit to practicing compassion instead.  See yourself and others as evolving pieces of art.  No one is perfect or free of blunders.  The best anyone can do is their best and learn from their mistakes.  Release judgement, embrace compassion and you will free yourself to be all that you were meant to be! 

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