The word flow infers movement.  In the natural world, flow brings images of waterways while the realm of human experiences brings two distinctly different definitions.  The ‘flow of life’ pertains to life events as they happen, contrasting ‘in the flow’, which refers to one’s experience when skill level is matched by a challenge of equal or greater difficulty.

Being in the flow means you are immersed in the activity with total concentration.  During this time, you may lose concept of yourself and the passing of time.  Action takes over and hours seem to pass by like minutes.  The task feels effortless even though the challenge may be difficult.  You are inspired to succeed and adjust moment by moment as the project unfolds.

For example, if you were creating a personalized gift for a friend, you might start out with one idea and as the project unfolded, more ideas surfaced building one on top of another until you have an amazing product that is far beyond your original idea.  As if by magic, serendipity appeared providing all the necessary pieces, words, and resources you required to complete your special gift!  Potentiality awaits you when you are in the flow.  Embrace an open mind of wonder and curiosity as you witness the unfolding of your own greatness!

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