Creative Wellness

What do you love doing?  What activity have you found yourself totally absorbed with, in a happy and contented way?  Whatever it is, make more time to do it and more space in your life to grow your passion.  This is the key to developing untold joys!

For instance, if you love gardening, make time to study the finer details and practice the art. Visit garden centres, read books and get inspiration from beautiful photographs.  The art of gardening comes at many levels.  From proper soil preparation to plant choices and layout.  You might choose to design a vegetable garden, flower garden,  rock garden, or drought tolerant garden with permaculture plants.  You might want to attract butterflies or add a pond for fish, decorate with whimsical gnomes, playful fairies, or cozy rock homes.  Whatever you do, you will find that every step takes you deeper into your passion.  The options are endless and only limited to your imagination.  Happy trails as you cultivate your deepest passions on the road to more joyful living!

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