Next workshop: M&M’s

As many of us know, M&M’s are the little candies that melt in your mouth and not your hands.  These colourful confections are the sweetness of life that arouse the senses.  Tap into another sense by attending Mind Master’s newest workshop: ‘Mindfulness & Meditation’.  Unlike the candy form, this M&M is intangible and cannot be held in your hands.  Therefore, there is no risk of it melting in your hands or even escaping your clutches.   The trick, however, is grasping it!

Join thoughtful conversations and experience a sampling of meditations to heighten your awareness of living mindfully every day.  Mindful living involves conscious awareness of the present moment without preoccupation of yesterday’s problems and tomorrow’s worries.  Learn self-soothing strategies to ease your mind and create greater peace within.  A variety of relaxing exercises will be provided, including breathing, mantra, eating and walking meditations.  Take the lighter path to managing daily stressors and gaining more peace and enjoyment in life!  Register today:  Note change in time, venue, price and registration process:

This workshop takes place on Friday, May 24, 2013 from 10:00 – 12:30 at Wilson Centre, 2150 Wilson Avenue, Port Coquitlam.  Cost $1/$2.  Register in person at Wilson Centre, by phone 604-927-7529 or on-line  *Adults of all ages are welcome! (You do not need to be 50 years or older to participate.)

Share your thoughts so we can learn together:

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