Gopher Intelligence

Gophers are smart.  They stand erect with a level of alertness that commands attention.  They show us that good posture is necessary for survival.  This is true in the human world as well.  Let me explain.

Good posture goes a long way in helping us maintain proper physical alignment and a strong mental attitude.  Good posture implies confidence, poise and resilience.  It also suggests strength and stability.  With good posture, you can look life straight in eye and stand up to any storm that comes your way.  Withstanding the pressures of life, you lean on others and circumstances only as required.  Self-assured, you maintain good posture and minimize the risks of downfall.

Good posture is the analogy I chose for optimal living.  Optimal living requires a positive mental state that supports self-confidence and self-worth.  In the next few posts, I will provide tips on how to increase your self-worth in order to develop your true potential.  For now, how is your posture?  Check the mirror and pull your shoulders back if necessary.  Imagine a string extending from the top of your head to the sky that keeps you in perfect alignment.  Mimic our friend the gopher and go for this life changing habit!

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