WAP! 3

Beat the winter blues by getting active and going outdoors.  Shorter daylight hours combined with unappealing weather often means we spend more time indoors.  While staying warm and dry is very compelling, hibernating like bears all winter long does not generally serve us well.  Plan to get outside everyday under natural daylight, especially on those days you might feel otherwise.  Grab your jacket and appropriate protection to brave the elements and immerse yourself in a sensory experience!

Feel the cool air on your face, listen to the sounds that wind creates while whistling through trees, inhale the fresh scent of rain and revel in the beautiful sight of glistening wet foliage.  Focus  on the many changes the new season brings.  Although winter has not yet officially arrived, autumn is a season of transitions and preparation for what is to come.  Follow Mother Nature’s lead and prepare for a winter of simple beauty and quiet reflection, away from the frenzy of malls and traffic.  Commit to wellness and moments of pure contentment this winter.

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