WAP! 4

The fourth strategy in the Winter Action Plan involves giving your mood and energy a boost through special attention to your diet.  Take note of the foods you eat, the amounts and frequency of your meals and snacks, plus your energy levels throughout the day.  Choose healthy foods that your body responds well to and provides the necessary fuel for your days’ activities.  Energy dips during mid-afternoon are common and if this is the case for you, consider a protein source at lunch and even breakfast.

Experiment with a variety of wholesome foods that spice up your meals!  Research new recipes and ideas from cookbooks or refer to on-line sources.  Talk to friends and colleagues, host a potluck dinner and get inspired through your senses!  Be aware of excess, especially with sweets, simple carbohydrates, caffeine, and alcohol.  Too much can lead you on a roller coaster with fluctuating moods and energy, undoing any progress you have made.

Although I am not a professional nutritionist, I do know that these strategies work well for me and many others.  Visit your local library or talk to a professional if you seek further advice or guidance.  I firmly believe that self-care needs to be a priority in everyone’s life, every day.  Eat wisely and not only will you have a bounce in your step but also a sharp mind for when you need it most!

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