Satisfaction Guaranteed

How much control do we really have in life?  There are two schools of thought.  One is that we have total control and the other, that we have none.  Which do you believe or is it somewhere in between?

The answer is true for both, depending on the circumstances.  It is true that we have  total control over our internal experiences of life, our reactions and responses to the world around us.  It is also true that we have no control over our external experiences, how others respond and particular outcomes.  However, we can influence certain outcomes and knowing this makes all the difference.

Knowing what you can realistically control in your life and what you can’t is the key to living well.  We can all exhaust ourselves trying to create specific outcomes.  Put your energy towards what you can realistically influence and relinquish the rest.  We each have a limited amount of available energy each day.  Spend it wisely and you will gain more satisfaction in life, guaranteed!

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