Open Doors

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘open’?  Perhaps you envision an open door with endless views.  Being open in life is just like that, where a world of different perspectives and opportunities await you.

The quality of being open is expansive as it brings the greatest potential for growth.  When we are open to new ideas and exploring unknowns, we literally open the door to greater success in life.  Conversely, if we are closed, our door remains shut and we limit our potential.  We risk becoming stagnate in life when we stay within our comfort zones.

Ultimately, we were meant to grow and evolve with life.  If you are feeling a little uncomfortable about this, ease yourself into one new experience at a time.  Move slowly towards an open door and only peer through at first.  As you gain comfort, you will gradually see that what is beyond the door is not as overwhelming as you imagined.  Confidence will be your reward, along with a myriad of new opportunities.

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